Wall-mounted and tabletop items trick

Welcome to our first housing guide! Here we’ll see step by step how to place wall-mounted and tabletop items into non-eligible surfaces. As an example, we’re placing a brass pricket and a picture of Haurchefant on a masonwork stove as shown in the screenshots above. Let’s get started!

Please be aware that following this guide means to recreate a glitch in the game. 

What do we need?

Tabletop trick

First, place the partition wall and the shelf. Try to set the shelf at the same height you want your tabletop item to be. Then place the tabletop item on the shelf and select the wall to move all the items to the chosen place.


Then, follow these four simple steps, as shown in the pictures below:

1. Disable the option “counter placement”.

If you play on a PS4 or with a controller, select the table top item. You’ll see the command options on the top of the screen. Press L1+triangle to disable counter placement.

If you play with keyboard and mouse, the option is called “counter surface placement”. You have to click on the option – the icon with the four squares – and turn it off – the icon will turn blue.

2. With the counter placement option off, pick your tabletop item and don’t move it. You’ll see only a purple mark, as when you’re trying to put an item on somewhere it can’t be placed. This is because the game now doesn’t recognize the shelf as an eligible place for the item.

3. Unselect the tabletop item and pick up the wall. You’ll see now that only the wall and the shelf will be marked in orange.

4. Move the wall and place it somewhere else. You can see that your tabletop item stays on the place you wanted.

Remember to turn on the counter placement once you finish the trick. Otherwise, you won’t be able to place any tabletop or wall-mounted item on any surface.


Wall-mounted trick

We’re going to follow the same steps as before, but this time we won’t need a shelf.

Place your wall-mounted item on a partition wall and move them to the place you want them. Disable the counter placement option, select the wall-mounted item to remove it from the wall, grab the wall and move it away. You can see the results on the pictures below.


Other uses for this trick

As you can imagine, you can use this trick to put floating items in your home. Also placing some items on other surfaces can give you incredible results. Check this gallery to grab some ideas!