Themes, winners and feedback.

During September, 2019, we’ve hosted the 7th edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.

 Round 1 by Seris

The winner is BrockFNSamson, who put together a really cool shot with his mount. Catching the fireworks in the background really gave it some unique flair, yes yes. Congratulations!

Check out more of BrookFNSamson’s work here!

 Round 2 by Emmy

Thanks for the amazing Candles pictures, everyone!! I love them ALL so very much but when forced to choose one, I went with Amalia. I adore the composition and the story the shot tells.

Check out more of Amalia’s work here!

 Round 3 by Lilith

Thank you all for participating in my ‘Happiness’ challenge! All of them made me smile, I really enjoy seeing how everyone interprets the theme in their own unique way. My winner is Kyoshi – I loved the bright, fun colors, the distant perspective and off center positions of the characters, but we all know how important FC friendships are. So congratulations!

Check out more of Kyoshi’s work here!

 Round 4 by Maya

Thank you to everyone who participated in my “Kindness” sponsor challenge !
I smile for each of your photos, and I’m happy to see how you interpreted and represented the kindness. More than the technique of photography is the intention that I wanted to emphasize in my theme. My winner is Talim : I love wanting to help this poor person, the way Lalalim comforts him with a hug and warms him with Ifrit.
Superb composition! Congratulations!

Check out more of Talim’s work here!

 Round 5 by Wenarian

First of all, thank you all so much for participating and I am absolutely blown away by how creative you got!
It was really hard to pick a winner, but since I have to: GhostDuck your screenshot and depiction touched me greatly! I absolutely LOVE how you have arranged the shot; the cropping, the warm colors and the mysterious feeling this picture provides makes me think “These two love each other deeply, and it’s their love and theirs alone. A feeling not for public display, but a sincere and subtle emotion conveyed in the smallest of gestures” Incredibly well done! 😀

Check out more of GhostDuck’s work here!

 Round 6 by Escher

Firstly thank you everyone for participating!
I’d only expected a few pictures but you guys really opened the floodgates! With that, my winning pick goes to Tsu – it’s not easy coordinating and adjusting two characters to look like they’re dancing, and I like his hand on her waist. Good job, and congrats!

Check out more of Tsu’s work here!

 Round 7 by Amalia

Edea – I didn’t know what spoke to me at first but then I saw the checkered floor and thought of a game of chess, with the knight going out of it’s way to go where it is needed most. I do not know if this was intended or not, but it made me think and smile and so it became my winning entry.

Check out more of Edea’s work here!

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