Themes, winners and feedback.

During May, 2019, we’ve hosted the 3rd and final pilot edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.



 Round 1 by Lilith


Hello all! I wanted to thank everyone who participated in my ‘Wicked’ challenge! All of them were so so good, they all embodied wicked in their own way, but I had to chose one. So I pick Ephy! I really liked the angle and composition of the screenshot, and the muted colors were great. I also love how her character is looking over her shoulder with a ‘wicked’ expression. Plus, the Chris Isaak song lyrics really put the whole story together for me. Congratulations Ephy, and good work to everyone! Keep being ‘wicked’ :wink:


Check out more of Ephy’s work here!



Round 2 by Sepheara


Alrighty!!!! I have chosen! Thanks to everyone who participated in my pick of ‘Peace’ challenge! All of them were so dang fabulous and this one was difficult to choose from, so much peace from everyone,, but I only get one choice, that being said I would like to pick Ichiryu !!! I really liked the angle and the softeness of the pink in the background to off set that black of the outfit, the choice of place too! I love the relaxation it gives off! Congrats Ichiryu!!!! Thank you to all who participated and good luck on the next challenge!!! :heart:

Check out more of Ichiryu’s work here!



Round 3 by Meow


Thank you once again to everyone who partook in my challenge this month! I really enjoyed everyone’s submissions on their version of the theme. I have picked yokufo / Wenarian I’ldan snap as I found it unique and meaningful to the lore. The fact that the moon mother’s forgotten statue was captured at night was really cleaver. Thank you all again and congrats Wen!


Check out more of Wenarian’s work here!



Round 4 by Cyphorian


Hello, sorry for late announcement! For the theme of “Road Trip”, I decided to pick Lilith Lovecraft‘s picture! Definitely can catch the feel that your roadtrip’s going to take a while! Definitely had an ominous vibe to me, and I really loved it!


Check out more of Lilith’s work here!



Round 5 by Yokufo/Wenarian


I really loved the entries for the topic I have submitted! Thanks a lot to everybody who participated and I know it wasn’t an easy one :smile: But you did incredibly well! Most of all I loved the quite openly and directly delivered message from Kiruu Joniss, as her Paladine storms into the Hall of the Castle to fight Zenos! Admittedly I truly love the arena designed for that fight, and the choice to portrait the character running and the banner in her sight, is really well picked! :sunglasses::ok_hand::skin-tone-1: Thanks a lot! Good job :smile:


Check out more of Kiruu’s work here!



Round 6 by Malkovich


Guys, you really killed it (figuratively and literally) with these vengeance photos! Every single one of them dazzled me with your poses, colors, and facial expressions. But I think the one that brings me closest to death’s edge is @Edea ‘s. That look in her eye and the motion in her dagger-wielding hands sealed the deal! Thanks everyone for submitting!


Check out more of Edea’s work here!


Round 7 by Cassandra


Well done to everyone who posted an “Emergency” snap, some really creative uses of posing, lighting, and links to the brief. Since I’m not allowed to declare a seven way tie, I’m going to go for the best mix of the three, which in my opinion is Andy :clap:


Check out more of Andy’s work here!

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