Sponsors Challenge (March ’19)

Themes, winners and feedback.

During March, 2019, we’ve hosted the 1st pilot edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.


Round 1 by Sepheara


I like the vibrant colors, with the added wings, kind of like “wings of luck” and the colors matched with the green. The balance between character and theme was very well met! Congratulations Kiruu!!!


Check out more of Kiruu’s work here!


Round 2 by Meow


I ended up choosing Arrior Button snap to take the… gold :first_place: That suit is so extra! It… suits the theme so well well; business looking attire for a man after some gold as well as the Golden Saucer in the background. Great work, Arrior!


Check out more of Arrior’s work here!


Round 3 by Malkovich


I’m picking Sepheara Haiwindo‘s as my favorite. This photo makes me feel like she is dancing on the border between the waking and sleeping realms, or the world of reality and that of the Fae. It’s super dreamy and communicates that theme well. Good work Seph!


Check out more of Sepheara’s work here!


Round 4 by Lilith


I have chosen my winner for my theme of ‘Wildfire’! It was really really hard to chose, all of your screenshots were lovely, but I really liked Yokufo’s idea of a ‘fire as cold as ice’, and I loved the cool colors that contrasted with Wen’s warmer colors. Congrats and thank you to all who participated!


Check out more of Yokufo/Wenarian’s work here!


Round 5 by Seris


I am a huge sucker for minimalism and spare compositions and this is a gorgeous angle of Mist (where I live) that I hadn’t ever really even thought to capture. The gentle color gradient and pulls the eye to shore and the crest of the tide walls your character off from the rest of the space, underscoring a sense of loneliness. Well done, Evie!


Check out more of Evie’s work here!


Round 6 by Cyphorian


This week I chose Yokufo! There is something great about the lines created that I love to see. A sort of wispy green aura that looks great! Congrats this week to you! :green_heart:

Check out more of Yokufo/Wenarian’s work here!


We hope you had fun with this event, see you on April’s challenge!

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