Themes, winners and feedback.

During June, 2019, we’ve hosted the 4th edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.



 Round 1 by Lilith


Hello everyone- I’d first like to thank all who participated in the ‘Loneliness’ challenge- every single entry depicted the theme! One of them though struck a particular emotional chord in me – Nao ‘s screenshot. It showed both loneliness, but also empathy- who doesn’t wish for a kind hug when feeling alone? I liked the composition, but also that we couldn’t see the character’s faces- after all, that could be me, you or someone you know. Congratulations Nao, great job!


Check out more of Nao’s work here!



Round 2 by Yokufo/Wenarian


Thanks to everybody who had made such wonderful screenshots! Loved all of them and each had its own unique feeling about how you approached the topic! Especially I love how Edea managed to take the shot! Wonderful warm, welcoming light, diffuse display of books and the library room in the back and of course the friendly *depending on your behavior!) Librarian lady in front! Clothed in a typical, somewhat nostalgically old-fashioned and proper way, with a hint of a cheeky smile as she fixes her glasses! Great work! :smile: You are my choice for the winner!

Check out more of Edea’s work here!



Round 3 by Cassandra


Some appropriately strong entries for the Mountain theme! It was a tough choice, but I think my favourite was by Xivi – taking snaps at night is a real challenge but the lighting is bright enough to see every detail without taking away from the theme, and the crystal spire in the background is a really cool feature. Especially because everything else is so dark, all the light features (including the snow itself) really pop.


Check out more of Xivi’s work here!



Round 4 by Malkovich


Ok guys, all 3 of your pics made me smile and laugh… but I think the winner is Lilith Lovecraft lol. May she have mercy on our souls should she ever find that toad slime and finish whatever ungodly spell she’s concocting!


Check out more of Lilith’s work here!



Round 5 by Hana


I really like all the pics for the Summar Madness challenge! The purple hue of Midnight bath is so mysterious and making it looks like something “mad” might jump out soon. :smile: Coconut milk is sooooo nice during Summer and the pic is so cute, it also reminds me of the brightness of summer lol! But my favorite would be Xivi pic! I really love the lightning and the vibe about it. Looks like a cave/waterfall getaway! Cute glamours too! :hearts:


Check out more of Xivi’s work here!

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