Themes, winners and feedback.

During July, 2019, we’ve hosted the 5th edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.


 Round 1 by Moriana


Hello challengers! Time’s up! First at all, thank you everybody for all pictures you share here. Every warrior of darkness looks cuter with a bit of color! :heart_decoration: There was plenty of ideas. The theme being rather vague, you gave different approaches which are all nice! I hesitated, but my favorite picture remains Seren‘s one! I love the calm in the scenery, the perspective as if a small bird observe the sleeper, and the gobal consistent of the warm colors. I found nothing bad to say on your picture. :blush: :confetti_ball: Congratulation Seren ! You are the winner of my theme! :confetti_ball:


Check out more of Seren’s work here!


Round 2 by Yokufo/Wenarian


Hello there ladies and gents! Loved all the pictures submitted for the challenge! :heart: Kiana Arai is the winner for me this time, LOVE her colors and the composition :heart:

Check out more of Kiana’s work here!


Round 3 by Hana


Hi all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I love all the pictures and thank you everyone for sharing all these lovely pictures :blush: Becchan is the winner this time around for me. Really like the aesthetic feel of it.

Check out more of Becchan’s work here!


Round 4 by Cassandra

I love a good action shot, trying to sync up with an enemy makes all the timing and positioning that much harder. For that reason, my pick for the winner is Edea, it looks straight out of a cutscene!

Check out more of Edea’s work here!


Round 5 by Sepheara


Good work guys!!! Loved all the pictures! I have chosen our winner for July! Congratulations Andy !!! So colorful and bright! For reasons I will keep to myself Andy’s picture struck a cord with me on personal level irl. Just a sense of freedom in that picture to me reminding though there may be clouds they’re not always grey and dark! Well done!!

Check out more of Andy’s work here!

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