Sponsors Challenge (April ’19)

Themes, winners and feedback.

During April, 2019, we’ve hosted the 2nd pilot edition of the Sponsors Challenge. On this event, some volunteer sponsors suggested a theme for the community. Here is a sum up of the themes and the winner each sponsor selected.


Round 1 by Meow


I thought the first month was hard to choose but everyone’s entries were so nice! I love how everyone captured almost all different places and sights of the Hinterlands, I’m sure the downpours you all probably got into were a pain to get the perfect shot! For this month, I think Lilith Lovecraft has captured, what I feel, the clean and sophisticated atmosphere that depicts Sharlayan life. The colors are rich and crisp, one you find as a load screen perhaps. Wonderful job with the angle placement and overall feel of the entire Dravanian Hinterlands. :microscope:


Check out more of Lilith’s work here!


Round 3 by Sepheara


I have chosen Moriana for my winner for the Spring theme challenge! First I’d like to say I loved EVERYONE’S pictures, it was so difficult to choose! Yet Mori’s choice in outfit was elegant and spring like, the slightly blurred back ground gave more focus to the subject chosen. I like the pale blue of her Miqo as well! However the main thing that made me choose this community member is what is happening in the picture. I am a LOVER of gardening, I love to watch flowers grow and bloom! This picture captures a love of flowers to me. In picking flowers from my own garden the words used for the picture “If I must choose of them… I will say this one!” is exactly what I do when I pick flowers from my own garden and put them in vase to display in my home. Well done Moriana!
Check out more of Moriana’s work here!

Round 3 by Yokufo/Wenarian


Thanks a lot for participating in the Homeland challenge :smile: I liked all the entries! I also quite enjoyed the fact that so many of you chose Ishgard and HW as the main topic of these, interesting isn’t it? :smile: Had a huge smile on my face while browsing through the images. My winner is Ephy because of how openminded she had approached the topic. Her picture composition is also something absolutely fitting for the scene chosen. I love the light engulfing her character’s slender form and it does look like she is dissolving in the light… vanishing.. becoming one with the aether. No land. No home. I am here now, I can be somewhere else tomorrow.. I am everywhere. The entire realm is my homeland! Really liked it :smile: Well done! Thanks to everyone for participating!


Check out more of Ephy’s work here!


Round 4 by Cyphorian


Hiii friends. I have the winner for my week’s Sponsor’s Challenge! I picked Edea this week for their beautiful shot. There is something.. Simplistic, but very to the point about it. Something straight out of a photographer’s collage. Absolutely fantastic shot and my pick for the challenge! :blue_heart:


Check out more of Edea’s work here!


Round 5 by Cassandra


It was a tough decision, but I’ve picked a winner for Challenge #5! Because it does something quite different, and because I like the posing and the coding that went into it, my winner is Ephi!

Check out more of Ephy’s work here!


Round 6 by Seris


Lilith Lovecraft took the one I liked the most. Hers gave me a feel of chasing, of striving, of pursuing, and the composition is delightful. So, congratulations!

Check out more of Lilith’s work here!

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