Every month we feature a sponsor at random and write up an article on them. Give a warm round of virtual applause to Estia Loire who is Sponsor of the Month October ’20!

  About You:

Nickname: Estia

Character Name: Estia Loire

Race: Au’ra

Main Server: Louisoix (Chaos)

Where do you share your screenshots: Twitter and Discord

Screenshot Tools: Gshade mostly and CMtool for poses

   About FFXIV

Why did you choose your current race?

Estia used to be a Hyur at first but when the Au’ra came out I knew I wanted to have this. Estia is from a very old and lame FF8 fanfic I wrote. She was half-human/half g-force and could “transform”. She had some scales in her g-force form and it was totally natural for her to become an Au’ra ^-^

Tell us a bit about your character (personality, what do you like most about him/her, etc).

She’s very calm and cute. She has some Japanese idol vibe sometimes. I just love that cuteness overload she always has. I made other Au’ra’s but I just can’t bring that cuteness again. I guess she’s unique for me! Also, she has the v1 tattoo on her back and that makes me so proud!

What is the most important part of the game for you, and why do you keep coming back to it?

I like the universe and the story of FF14. The story is what I liked in FF14v1 and kept me in the game even if the mechanics were bad. And of course, playing with friends !!

What was the best experience you had in-game?

I had too much to really select one. Ingame meetings, a photoshoot with friends, raid with french community moderator, etc

Which is your favorite song, and why?

I’d have to say dragon song! It describes the love between Shiva and Hraesvelgr and the story of Heavensward. It’s so beautiful! I’m also a big fan of Nier songs!

How often do you change your main job glamour? Do you have any preferred one?

All the time! I think I change my glamour around 5 times/evening. It depends on my mood. My favorite at the moment is the one with the black glasses! Estia looks just like a hipster XD


 About FFXIV Screenshots

What would you describe your screenshot ‘style’ as?

Hum, I don’t really know, maybe mainstream, fashion model portrait. Sometimes gag and funny pictures as well. ^-^

Please, explain to us the methods or steps you take when taking a screenshot. Any tips you can give for new screenshoters?

I first select a theme and try to make a glamour that goes with it. I think about a great spot for the background. Then I select a pose with in-game emotes or with CMtool when allowed, then it is mostly feeling. I play with the camera angles and when I find an angle I like I select a preset on gshade. I take a few pictures of the same pose, sometimes at different angles and with different presets until I find the shot I like the best.

What/who inspires you for taking screenshots?

I don’t have direct inspiration. I just try to make something appealing to my eyes.

What is your favorite emote/pose?

Eating bread and toast

What kind of snaps do you usually take (selfy, group, landscape)?

Mostly selfies but I like everything character-based! Landscapes are the most difficult for me.

Screenshot showcase:
Share with us four of your favorite screenshots and tell us why do you like them so much.

This is one is full of mods but I just loved everything! It has some ethereal look to it! I have this pic as a wallpaper on my PC ^^
This screen may not be the most beautiful but it’s the memory of a reaaaaally fun photoshoot with my husband and my best friends!
Here is the famous hipster glamour I talked about earlier! I just love every snap I took with it ^-^
I just love beach pictures! Sun, swimsuit, and ocean! I particularly love the harmony of colors on this one. Blue, red, and orange ^-^.