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  About You:

Nickname: Mory

Character Name: Moriana Fendleciel

Race: Miqo’te

Main Server: Ragnarok (Chaos)

Where do you share your screenshots: Twitter and Discord

Screenshot Tools: Mainly vanilla (I use what the gpose offer), but sometimes I use some “other” tools, more for tests than something else.

   About FFXIV

Why did you choose your current race?

In video games or anime, I have a preference for cat-girls. I have already chosen a Mithra in FFXI, and when I came into Eorzea, I choose naturally a Miqo’te.

Tell us a bit about your character (personality, what do you like most about him/her, etc).

Raised by a Roegadyn fisherman, she was quite joyful, tomboy, and big drinker, but she was also raised with the right spirit, always ready to help, maybe a bit too naively sometimes.

Since she started her adventure, discovered plenty of new places and habits, and mainly since she found love, she discovered a taste for clothes and started to be a bit more stylish.

What is the most important part of the game for you, and why do you keep coming back to it?

I am not a so hard gamer (more lazy than hardcore). The game becomes more a pastime for me, but I like to improve my character step by step. Doing the main story, classic trials, and searching for new clothes makes me happy!

What was the best experience you had in-game?

It was a RP session with my Free Company. There was a contest in several rounds. We spend the night around the company house, competing, and taking screenshot sometimes. And I finished second. It was a really fun night.

Which is your favorite song, and why?

There is so much song which is wonderful, for a different reason. But my favorite song is… Good King Moogle Mog XII !!! A Halloween theme, with several mog voices. And the mogs are so fluffy!!!!

How often do you change your main jobs glamour? Do you have any preferred one?

I often change glamour!

I have a specific amour set I kept a long time, the one with the Lord’s Cuirass. But now, it mainly depends on my glamours search (as the glamour hunter, for example) or new clothes I earn. I more or less change a glamour every two weeks.


 About FFXIV Screenshots

What would you describe your screenshot ‘style’ as?

It depends if I follow a specific theme or not, but I mainly take screenshot of my character in a specific scene. As I mainly share my screenshots on Twitter, adding a comment allows me to describe the scene, or making my character talk. Most of the time, I try to post something funny (or dumb), or at least good looking.

Please, explain to us the methods or steps you take when taking a screenshot. Any tips you can give for new screenshoters?

The first advice is to test what the /gpose offers! I don’t use all, but the camera position, rotation, and the three lights help a lot!

Then, I often test the emotes, setting them in a pause to find the best gesture, which can express something completely different according to the expression.

To go a bit far, you can read some photography guides, for some basic concept, or specific gpose guide, for example on ffxvisnaps.com.

What/who inspires you for taking screenshots?

Sometimes the inspiration comes from pictures shared by other people, but it often comes either from a glamour I finish to create and I wish to picture it, either from a place I pass by with a specific time and weather. I try to imagine myself being a little original.

What is your favorite emote/pose?

I think it’s the Thavnairian dance. I was so hyped when the dancer job was announced I search for a specific glamour for the release date, and I spent time doing a lot of screenshots! After some tests, I found the Thavnairian dance is the more seductive one.

What kind of snaps do you usually take (selfy, group, landscape)?

I usually take selfies. I like to put my character on a performance, to imagine a scene or a situation, and to adapt it into a picture. Group snaps are cool but it’s tougher and it takes more time!

Screenshot showcase:
Share with us four of your favorite screenshots and tell us why do you like them so much.

I had to choose between plenty of pictures, but I wish to share with you these four ones.

I think this picture is the real first time I used the gpose option to take a more dynamic screenshot than just my character standing. Apparently, I came to love using gpose!
On this one, I like the way I changed the original Harvest dance emote into a “Grab my hand and join the party”. Changing the angle and the expression may give a completely different meaning to a picture.
I took this one by chance, crossing the beach when the weather and the daylight was quite pleasant. The time to found a good place to take the screenshot, and it ended in a pin-up picture in the morning light.
The last one is one of my funniest (dumbest?) screenshot I ever took. The new doll of the Queen succeed to escape the castle! For how long, only history will tell us…