Every month we feature a sponsor at random and write up an article on them. Give a warm round of virtual applause to Hana Inoue who is Sponsor of the Month May ’19!


  About You:

Nickname: Hana

Character Name: Hana Inoue

Race: Au’ra Raen

Main Server: Cactuar (Aether)

Social Media: Twitter: @Noctlyn, Instagram: @hanainoue.ffxiv

Screenshot Tools: GPose, ReShade


   About FFXIV


When and why did you start playing FFXIV?

Long story short. My brother had a PSN account and it was during ff14 open beta, so he let me to use his account to try the game (lalafell Bard o/). But after knowing it’s subscription-based, I got taken aback because I just started Uni and it would be better for me to save up. It was not until I saw Heavensward trailer (dragoons are coooool, music is great) that I really started the game. I was fortunate to meet a nice bunch of people right of the bat and we still keep in contact now though we are not in the same FC anymore. Pre-SB period hit hard T^T And now, I was able to ask some of my real-life friends to join me and this keeps me going on!


What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?)

I would say Casual, but I also like to grind for dem mounts xD


What are your favorite jobs?

Except for machinist, I’m loving all the other classes! Though after hitting lvl60, I’m starting to like it. But these are some of my favorites: Bard! (#bardislovebardislife), whm/ast, pld/war, and black mage, because of a EXPLOSION!!!


Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?

I would say I enjoy gathering more than crafting, but I do the GC supply missions for some xp for all classes 😀


What is your favorite FFXIV boss?

This is a tough one, there are soooo many. For me, music plays a big part in the boss fights. Shiva, Nidhogg, A8 Brute Justice, A11Cruise Chaser (official vacuum theme song pl0x), A12 Alexander, Thordan, Susano, Shinryu, Tsukuyomi, Suzaku, Kefka, Chaos, Omega, Omega M/F


Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite?

One of my favorites is the 4.4 solo duty for “Little Sun” :wink: That burn made me had a great laugh! Another would be the Four Lords solo duty after Seiryu in 4.5, I have always like the Four Symbols in the Chinese astronomy (the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North). Just great to see it coming to an end (I was a little disappointing on Koryu’s design though).


Who is your favorite NPC and why?

Yotsuyu is definitely one of my favorites, I just like her story. Godbert because of the Manderville questline hahahaha. AND, BAEMERIC :heart:


      About FFXIV Screenshots


When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?

I posted some photos before using the hashtag without knowing it’s actually a community hashtag xD It was later on then I realized “OH THERE IS A FF14 SNAP COMMUNITY”, and I only joined early this year! I can learn more in this platform of sharing photos and techniques, and make new friends along the way, so I decided to join!


When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots?

It was when I was the only person who has ReShade installed within my groups of friends because they are either on PS4 or just don’t really take screenshots. I seldom take screenshots (even now, but I’m doing it more and more often) until we decided to take some photos when we cleared a raid. That’s when I decided to be the photographer for our group. I definitely still need to improve!


What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots?

Capturing the moment. Capturing our characters. Capturing the beautiful scenery of FF14. It shows how people are loving the world FF14 has built.


What are your favorite places for screenshotting?

Sea of Clouds, La Noscea (especially Costa Del Sol), Kugane, Shirogane, the Azim Steppe, Yanxia 😀


Do you have any favorite screenshotters?

There are too many!! I’m gonna list a few! @Espressolala, @yumezo14, @zanekonp, @moch14ko_, @izzy.ffxiv, @axel_higryu, @Tsubaki422_ff14, @KeiraNier. And so many more! Also, shout out to @therealcalcrazy for offering to edit one photo of me!


   Time to show us some of your work!

Your best screenshot EVER:


The best screenshot from your character:


Your best group screenshot:


Your most funny/random screenshot: 



Your best landscape:


Your most memorable screenshot (tell us the story behind it!):

This was taken by @therealcalcrazy where we had our photo session! It was my first time working with a photographer/editor and it was a fun experience overall! We waited for the sunset to capture this “chilling/enjoying the breeze” theme photo in the Sea of Clouds. We just sit around and try to capture as many photos in different angles as possible. And then we went around finding spots to take more photos xD She tried to capture the moment of what I have described to her and she really did a great job!