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  About You:

Nickname: Lil, Lili

Character Name: Lilith Lovecraft

Race: Currently Fem Elezen

Main Server: Balmung

Where do you share your screenshots: Twitter

Screenshot Tools: GShade, Paint .net, GIMP, Painter

   About FFXIV

I played FFXI with my husband for over 7 years. When beta testing came up for FFXIV, we jumped on it. We’ve both been playing ever since. I love this game’s visuals and effects, and although I don’t do much instanced content, I enjoy the style and art side of it.

Why did you choose your current race?

Elezen ladies are so elegant, graceful and feminine, the exact opposite of my real self. I love their delicate emotes and appearance.

Tell us a bit about your character (personality, what do you like most about him/her, etc).

Lilith is a wood witch and herbalist. She grew up in Ishgard, but sensed something was different about her. When she was old enough, she left home to explore Eorzea and beyond, hoping to understand herself better. She is kind and generous, but get on her bad side… awful things may happen.

What is the most important part of the game for you, and why do you keep coming back to it?

Screenshots and glamour of course! That’s pretty much all I do, lol. I’ll take short breaks, but I always come back. Usually changing up my glamours helps me from getting too bored.

What was the best experience you had in-game?

The first time I ever tried normal mode raids (starting with Eden Gate). I normally don’t do such content because of my anxiety, but I went with my husband and some friends and found it was fun! (I still get stressed though, can’t help it lol)

Which is your favorite song, and why?

Oh wow, this is hard but I’ll have to go with… ‘Footsteps in the Snow’. It’s so very beautiful and haunting, and the Shiva fight and story is just amazing.

How often do you change your main jobs glamour? Do you have any preferred one?

I change every few weeks, some I have kept longer though. I keep a bunch of my favorite glamours on hand at all times so I can change when I want to. One of my favorites uses the Elkhorn Robe for Summoner. It’s very underused so it’s rare to see someone in it.


 About FFXIV Screenshots

What would you describe your screenshot ‘style’ as?

Soft and bright, yet dynamic. I try to keep them exciting and pleasing to look at. I like using angles and lighting to bring life to the screenshot.

Please, explain to us the methods or steps you take when taking a screenshot. Any tips you can give for new screenshoters?

Hmm, I kinda just go with the flow. Most of my screenshots are spontaneous. I just see an opportunity and take it! If I’d give any tips, it would be to experiment a lot with lighting, color and perspective. Take lots of screenshots and study other’s shots-eventually you will find your own ‘style’!

What/who inspires you for taking screenshots?

Mostly glamour. Sometimes a song will inspire a photoshoot.

What is your favorite emote/pose?

This depends on the race, but I love Elezen’s dance-several frames are good for shots. Also, their static poses make for nice screenshots too.

What kind of snaps do you usually take (selfy, group, landscape)?

Mostly shots of myself and my glams. I really want to get better at landscapes and group shots. I could use some improvement on those!

Screenshot showcase:
Share with us four of your favorite screenshots and tell us why do you like them so much.

This screenshot was one of my planned ones-I like the mood of this, mysterious and ghostly, yet sinister as well.
I LOVE the bright and happy colors of this screenshot, plus Lilith looks so regal on the peacock mount!
I entered this into a contest and came in second place. It took some time to get this shot just the way I wanted it. I like the bright colors, and happiness this shot portrays. Dance partners for life!
Oh boy- this screenshot may look simple, but it took me SO many tries to get this shot at the moment I wanted. I needed Ifrit to attack me right before the fire hit me, and had to pose myself at the right frame. I am pretty proud of this screenshot.