Every month we feature a sponsor at random and write up an article on them. Give a warm round of virtual applause to Seris (Boreal Tempest) who is Sponsor of the Month January ’21!

  About You:

Nickname: Seris, Boreal, P

Character Name: Boreal Tempest!

Race: Roegadyn

Main Server: Ultros

Where do you share your screenshots: Twitter, sometimes FFXIVSnaps

Screenshot Tools: All vanilla all the time!

   About FFXIV

Why did you choose your current race?

I picked playing a femroe for a lot of reasons, but the original reason was because I wanted a tall, muscular character as a scholar. I didn’t know at the time anything about how rare they were!

Tell us a bit about your character (personality, what do you like most about him/her, etc).

Boreal is outspoken and confident, always ready to dive into the fray. A woman of principles, she appreciates loyalty and honor in others. While she has the stereotypical toughness of lady Roegadyn, she doesn’t feel that that confines her to a particular look or style. I like her because she’s the type of person I respect when I meet them in the world.

What is the most important part of the game for you, and why do you keep coming back to it?

Gpose and glamour is absolutely what keeps me coming back to the game. I’ve never gotten tired of the nearly-infinite variation available in each. The team keeps adding more functionality to each, too, so the future should be interesting!

What was the best experience you had in-game?

I think the day they added cross-server travel might be my favorite day, because a bunch of my femroe pals and I all got together for an impromptu gathering. Before then, our small community was tied to whoever we had on our own servers, or occasional visits with alts, but we would rarely see more than a couple of us in one place at any one time. When we had a get-together on Aether, it helped give some presence and reality to our community. That meant a lot to me.

Which is your favorite song, and why?

The theme from Terncliff, called “And Love You Shall Find,” because it does a fantastic job of capturing the desolation and emptiness that follows in the wake of military conflict driven by blind nationalism.

How often do you change your main job glamour? Do you have any preferred one?

Usually I change once a patch, or a little less often. I have a couple of favorite glams for Scholar; the one with the red-dyed Republican Medicus top is the closest thing I have to a canon glamour.


 About FFXIV Screenshots

What would you describe your screenshot ‘style’ as?

I don’t think I have a particular style, but I do try to be very precise about my lighting. It’s important to think about where your light sources are when you take non-studio shots!

Please, explain to us the methods or steps you take when taking a screenshot. Any tips you can give for new screenshoters?

I go in the following rough order when I take a pic:

1) Make sure the setting and weather is cooperating
2) Find the right animation frame and angle on the subject
3) Make sure that my subject can be properly framed in the setting I’ve picked, with no distracting background or foreground visuals
4) If it’s not a studio shot, I make sure to think about where the light in the shot is coming from, including reflections and adjust it to match
5) Add any filters only after the lighting is correct, and do any final adjustments then
6) Make sure the brightness and focus are where you want them, and go wild

What/who inspires you for taking screenshots?

I know tons of good screenshotters but there’s no one whose technique I respect more than Nascha (@naschastrig on Twitter). They have an enviable expertise and clearly care about their subjects.

What is your favorite emote/pose?

/beesknees, /lean, /playdead, and /pose are my top-tier choices.

What kind of snaps do you usually take (selfy, group, landscape)?

I’m mostly a single-subject screenshotter but I enjoy taking all of them!

Screenshot showcase: