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  About You:

Nickname:  Fedrane / Kiri

Character Name:  Fedrane Omega

Race:  Miqote, Keeper of the Moon

Main Server:  Shiva

Social Media:  Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Fedrane_

Screenshot Tools:  Gshade

   About FFXIV

When and why did you start playing FFXIV?

After dropping Guild Wars 2 I spent a few years searching for a new MMORPG, trying out Archeage, Aion, Black Desert and a few more, but I never played them for long. As a huge Square Enix fan I wanted to try out FFXIV, but the subscription and base game price were a bit scary. In the end my sister gifted me the game for my birthday 2 years ago and I’ve been playing ever since.

What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?)

I’m a casual player, though I do want to start doing more hardcore content, I just never seem to find a group.

What are your favorite jobs?

I love playing as a White Mage, Dark Knight and Dancer, though Red Mage holds a special place in my heart.

Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?

Crafting is a pain in the butt, but I do enjoy gathering. I can watch a movie and get some gathering done in the meantime!

What is your favorite FFXIV boss?

    Ooooh the list is long, though I’d have to choose Niddhogg. His fight was the first one which made me go ‘oh crap, this is serious business’. It’s also amazing story-wise.

Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite?

That’s a difficult question, those change a lot for me. For now I’d have to pick Dun Scaith, Orbonne Monastery and Copied Factory. I love 24-man raids and how people have to depend on each other during them and Dun Scaith specifically is incredible because of the Alice in Wonderland theme. Orbonne has a space in my heart because it was the first alliance raid I did on day 1 and I adore Copied Factory simply because I love Drakengard, NieR and Yoko Taro, so that was a win for me since the day they announced it.

Who is your favourite NPC and why?

Estinien, Aymeric, Heurchefant, Crystal Exarch and Emet Selch. The list goes on and on, but those would be my top people. Those characters have a lot of depth and they would go into the fire with WoL.


 About FFXIV Screenshots

When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?

I first joined a different Discord group, which I found on Twitter  – Eorzea’s Model Agentur. From there I heard about other places and in the end found my way to FFXIV Snaps.

When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots?

I’ve been taking screenshots since the first day I started playing. I love capturing moments in game to later have a reminder of what’s been happening. At first it was just about memories, but at some point I realized, that using /gpose isn’t shunned upon, as I first thought, and then I started taking screenshots in earnest.

What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots?

It’s the freedom you have, and how many things you can do. You have all of the tools in-game and can do really incredible stuff with them. Using gshade or any other tool is just an addition.

What are your favorite places for screenshotting?

Coerthas Western Highlands and Coerthas Central. I love places without a lot of colour, because they are a great canvas for pictures and I have more control over colours I want to add. When I want some more colour I usually go to Azys Lla or to my house.

Do you have any favorite screenshotters?

I don’t really have a favourite, everyone is extremely talented. One person that helped me a lot and inspired me to try crazy things was Talim, so huge kudos to her!

  Time to show us some of your work!

Your best screenshot EVER:

The best screenshot from your character:

Your best group screenshot:

Your most funny/random screenshot:

Your best landscape:

Your most memorable screenshot (tell us the story behind it!):
This is actually the very first screenshot I took in FFXIV. I was doing my quests when I saw that I had to interact with ‘Moist Depression’. Somehow I found it extremely funny, took a screenshot and sent it to my friends with a note “Look, they added me in the game”.