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  About You:

Nickname: Mory

Character Name: Moriana Fendleciel

Race:  Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon

Main Server: Ragnarok (Chaos)

Social Media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/fendleciel

Screenshot Tools: Gimp, FFXIV TexTools

   About FFXIV

When and why did you start playing FFXIV?

I started to play MMORPG with FFXI. When FFXIV came, with greater graphics, I switched to this game naturally (despite the V1 which was… hem… what it was.)

What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?)

I am hardcore casual! I play quite often, but not the hardest modes, especially since I started doing screenshots (the other end game!). I do sometimes, do some Extreme, but not Savage.

What are your favorite jobs?

My favorite jobs are the tank ones, especially paladin and warrior. Dancer and ninja are quite fun too, but I am more used to being the punching bag.

Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?

Yes! Beyond the fact it is useful to create clothes and furniture, it’s quite relaxing.

What is your favorite FFXIV boss?

Difficult to choose, but I keep a special place in my heart for Leviathan. For one of the firsts extreme fights, I loved his mechanics. It was also my first “I beat” tee-shirt I won at a festival.

Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite?

The 24 man raid, clearly. It is not so hard (once you know the strategy), and it gives the feeling to do a real big fight, with big monsters. It gives a lot of fun letting also some mistakes being able to be done.

Who is your favorite NPC and why?

I really loved Sadu in Stormblood. She is a strong woman, rather cool, which doesn’t let herself be pushed around. And her confrontations with Magnai are so fun!


 About FFXIV Screenshots

When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?

I joined the FFXIV Snaps Community in April 2019, a few times after I started sharing my screenshots on the web. I was just discovering the current communities existing, and FFXIV snaps were the ones that are more suited for me. Friendly, enough people but not too much, with regular activities and events (daily, weekly or monthly). I tried, and I eventually stayed.

When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots?

I first started to take some random screenshots, more to keep a souvenir of my trip to FFXIV. I once took a long time to test the GPose, taking some job screens. It was really fun. And time spent, but who cares when it’s so fun?

What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots?

I take mainly screenshots of my character, but what I like is to stage her, tell a story with the screen (short stories, to be twitter friendly). And if possible, I do a funny story!

What are your favorite places for screenshotting?

It depends on what I want to tell, but coming from a role-playing group, my character is linked to some places more than others. So after my home at Shirogane, my favorite place is Limsa Lominsa.

Do you have any favorite screenshotters?

There is plenty of good screenshotters, at FFXIVSnaps or elsewhere. But when I started to look at the screenshotters community (mainly on Twitter), I think about two people who captured my attention:
– Lilith Lovecraft for the quality and the number of different outfits she gives.
– Malkovich mainly in duo with Neisha Rayne for the different scenes they offer and their humor.

  Time to show us some of your work!

Your best screenshot EVER:

The best screenshot from your character:

Your best group screenshot:

Your most funny/random screenshot:

Your best landscape:

Your most memorable screenshot (tell us the story behind it!):
The last battle before A Realm Reborn (yes, I am a legacy player). I am not a hardcore gamer, but my Linkshell allowed me to try at least once this battle versus Nael. The arena was quite cool, but the battle not easy at all (especially with the latency at this time). Screenshots was not as easy as now (sorry for the border…) but I still have some of them from the V1, to remember from where we started!