We wanted our sponsors to enjoy their sponsorship plan even more, so during February 2019 we launched a new screenshot challenge: the sponsors battle! Only they could participate, but the rest of the community decided who won.

Bases were simple: we used the 2nd most voted theme for the current month event (in this case it was Adventure with a minion). A poll was created to decide which was the best picture, and Seris was the winner!

Therefore, here’s our interview with this absolutely awesome sponsor. Enjoy!

    About you
Nickname: Seris
Character Name: Boreal Tempest
Race: Hellsguard Roegadyn!
Main Server: Ultros
Social Media: Twitter: @serisothikos
Screenshot Tools: None! I use vanilla Gpose since I’m a native PS4 user and I do my best!
     About FFXIV
When and why did you start playing FFXIV? I started playing in early 2.1, back in January 2014. I had poked around in the beta briefly on my wife’s account (created a femroe there, too!) but I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest since we shared a PS3. When I saw her doing Labyrinth of the Ancients, with its fantastic rearrangement of the FFIII boss music (“Tumbling Down”), I knew I absolutely had to play this game. I’ve been hooked ever since!
What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?) I am a crafter main who raids very casually with friends. I used to be hardcore back when I played WoW, but I left that life behind me long ago.
What are your favorite jobs? I main Scholar because I love it. I appreciate its flexibility and how well it can respond to rapidly changing situations, plus Book Aesthetic is very much my thing! I play SAM as my primary DPS role because I like its flow, and I play DRK as tank in large part because of its aesthetic.
Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?
Yes! It’s my favorite thing to do in-game. I find it soothing, because crafting represents something where you can make incremental progress toward a measurable goal. I’m currently working my way through the most recent crafting achievements for the glowing main-hands and it’s actually pretty fun!
What is your favorite FFXIV boss? It is impossible to pick a favorite, and I’m usually really good at that. Probably the most enjoyable fight that also scores high on aesthetics and music is Tsukuyomi Ex. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that drawn into a single fight. Sophia is a close second!
Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite? The Swallow’s Compass! I absolutely can’t deal with how gorgeous that duty is, how well-paced and thought out each of the elements is, and how beautiful the music is… plus you get to fight Sun Wukong at the end! And on top of all that, the gear that drops from it has found homes in several of my glamours. Second place is probably Sohr Khai (simply stunning), and third is the Ghimlyt Dark (ambitious, but they completely nailed it).
Who is your favorite NPC and why? Aymeric de Borel is a gift to us from the universe and we should be thankful for him. He’s a good good boy who gets really excited when you invite him along on an adventure, and he’s always trying his best. Honorable mentions: Sadu, Matoya, Aenor.
     About FFXIV Screenshots
When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community? I joined around August 2018. I knew Edea from her EGI-Adventure collaboration and was looking for a quiet, laid-back community that focused on the art of screenshots. I ended up offering to help with proofreading and then stumbled my way through some article-writing and event development. It’s a nice, supportive community!
When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots? I took a couple screenshots before gpose and a couple after, but I was honestly inspired to start in preparation for a presentation I was giving at work about the game in August 2016. I wanted to show off the game’s aesthetics to a bunch of people who weren’t even aware of what a MMO was. My early attempts were pretty underwhelming, but I worked on things like lighting and composition and, over time, I felt like I got a pretty good handle on how to take a good screenshot.
What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots? Finding just the right angle and just the right lighting and just the right expression and just the right pose.
What are your favorite places for screenshotting? People sometimes complain about the Churning Mists, since it’s mostly brown, but that place has some of the best backdrops, especially near Zenith. Other than that, I love places like the Vault and Yanxia.
Do you have any favorite screenshotters? I’m deep into the femroe screenshot community and, while I could probably list a dozen or so, my top three are my #flexsquad comrades: @NaschaStrig, @roefizzlebeef, and @DoveSongffxiv, all of whom are amazing and talented and also sometimes way too self-deprecating for their own good so make sure you follow and let them know if you appreciate their work!
Best screenshot ever:
The best screenshot of your character:
Best group screenshot:
Best random screenshot: I made this for a daily screenshot contest to match an album cover and I’m really proud of how it turned out; I find it hilarious.
Best landscape screenshot: I don’t take landscapes very often but I’m extremely fond of this
Most memorable screenshot: My most memorable screenshot is this one, which I took back in november 2017 and was the first screenshot where i felt I’d done a good job with composition and lighting. This and a couple others helped get me interested in the idea of screenshots as a hobby, which led to me joining communities and eventually finding my way to FFXIVSnaps! but mostly I just loved Boreal reaching up in a sprightly way to touch a leaf over her head.