Every month we feature a sponsor at random and write up an article on them. Give a warm round of virtual applause to Escher Strange who is Sponsor of the Month December ’19!

  About You:

Nickname: DM Jewelle

Character Name: Escher Strange

Race: Hyur Midlander

Main Server: Zodiark

Social Media:  Instagram | Twitter

Screenshot Tools: Gpose, Instagram filters.

    About FFXIV

When and why did you start playing FFXIV?

I couldn’t play FFXI when it first came out, and I always felt like I’d missed out on something big. When FF14 was announced for PC I thought that was the end of my hope. It didn’t help that I live in a region that SE doesn’t recognize. However when ARR hit the PS3 with a free trial, I could finally test out the game. The rest is history.

What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?)

Filthy casual. I don’t play with my FC because of the time difference, so I can only dip my toes into EX and Savage at my convenience.

What are your favorite jobs?

I’ve played Black Mage since day 1, and I really like what they’ve done to Machinist, so those are my 2 main jobs.

Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?

No, and despite what everyone tells me I can’t seem to get better at it either. I was never the one good at arts & crafts in school anyway.

What is your favorite FFXIV boss?

All bosses are to be eradicated, not loved. So no, I don’t recall having a favourite.

Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite?

Praetorium: I get a chunk of exp, and I get to finish my chores in between cutscenes. Once, I managed to cook dinner!

Who is your favourite NPC and why?

Aymeric (because why not), Merlwyb (because she’s so cool), and Alpha (because how can you not love something so cute!?)


 About FFXIV Screenshots

When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?

I was looking for hashtags to include in my pics for exposure, and FFXIV Snaps was one of the first results. Later I was looking for Gpose tutorials and stumbled on the website. From the website I found the Discord, and I liked that wasn’t too big so I could follow updates easily. I guess you could say it’s fate.

When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots?

I’ve always taken screenshots of anything interesting in-game. Later I went on Twitter and was impressed by the quality of the screenshots. Now that I know how it’s done I’ll never be able to replicate them, but it’s not going to stop me from trying.

What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots?

The end result, when everything comes together to make something awesome.

What are your favorite places for screenshotting?

I built a photo studio in my FC room to take most of my screenshots.

Do you have any favorite screenshotters?

I don’t remember a lot of names, but Momoe showed me that you could play on a PS4 and get great screenshots through studio lighting alone.


  Time to show us some of your work!

Your best screenshot EVER:

The best screenshot from your character:

Your best group screenshot:

Your most funny/random screenshot:

Your best landscape:

Your most memorable screenshot (tell us the story behind it!):

There’s this person in the Elemental Data Centre called Momoe who takes really good screenshots with crafted lights. I thought I’d never get the chance to check out her studios until I remembered my alt was on Tonberry. I hopped worlds, poked into her house, and bumped RIGHT into her! When she found out I was a curious foreigner she immediately set up a studio and helped me take pictures. It wasn’t until I went and revisited her Twitter account that I realised her studio was only open at certain times and players had to PAY (in gil donations) to use it, and she did it all for me for free and at her own time! Her kindness and hospitality (and the great shots) definitely make it the most memorable moment ever.