Sponsor of the Month (December ’18)

We wanted our sponsors to enjoy their sponsorship plan even more, so during December 2018 we launched a new screenshot challenge: the sponsors battle! Only they could participate, but the rest of the community decided who won.

Bases were simple: we used the 2nd most voted theme for the current month event (in this case it was Love at first sight). Our sponsors submitted a vanilla picture to our Discord specific channel based on that theme. A poll was created to decide which was the best picture, and Sepheara was the winner!

Therefore, here’s our interview with this absolutely awesome sponsor. Enjoy!


About you

Nickname: Seph, Sephy, Saikhan

Character Name: Sepheara Haiwindo

Race: Au’ra Raen

Main Server: Ultros

Social Media: Twitter: Sepheara Haiwindo, Instagram: Sepheara Takaris

Screenshot Tools: Stromshade and gpose



When and why did you start playing FFXIV?

My little brother got me into it after I quit playing World of Warcraft.

What kind of player are you? (casual, hardcore, hardcore fat cat enthusiast maybe?)

Casual, once in a while I’ll do savages if I’m going with friends.

What are your favorite jobs?

I main White Mage, but I also love Black Mage and Red Mage, also Dark Knight. All my classes are 70 so I try to rotate so I don’t forget.

Do you enjoy crafting and gathering?

Sure do! Those are maxed as well and I like making things and redoing my house or helping friends or others out to do theirs.

What is your favorite FFXIV boss?

Going to go plural and say, bosses, Shiva ex, Zurvan Ex, Byakko Ex, and Tsukiyomi. Lots of fun.

Do you have a favorite duty? Why is it your favorite? 

Several, Hell’s lid, The burn, Swallows compass, The Great Gubal Library (hard), The Vault.


About FFXIV Screenshots

When and why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?

I was with it from the start, I joined because I thought it would be fun to do and so far it has been! Edea asked and I was all in for it!

When did you first feel inspired by taking screenshots?

Looking at Saya and Mallers shots and I wanted to learn. I had messed with it but had no idea what I was doing lol!

What is your favorite thing about taking screenshots?

Just the different poses, and places and things you can capture!

What are your favorite places for screenshotting?

All over the place, I don’t have one that’s the top place.

Do you have any favorite screenshotters?

SOOOOO many to name but I have to say my mentor first, which is Saya, then Mallers, Shio, Malkovich, Nao, Edea, Kiruu, Meia, Rixas, Dante, Arrior and so many many more it would REALLY be hard to name them all. But there are so many to name this list would make one go cross-eyed if I named them all! (if you don’t see your name here sorry but most likely you’re a fave!)


Time to show us some of your work!

Your best screenshot EVER:


The best screenshot from your character:


Your best group screenshot:


Your most funny/random screenshot:


Your best landscape:


Your most memorable screenshot (tell us the story behind it!):
I have to say this is the most memorable one to me because all of my friends that could come together did. Dante, Karasu, Saya, Sly, Raven, and Zuzaroon we all got together and had some fun taking screenshots. It was a great evening and one I’ll never forget!