Snap A Story – Pilot

This is the story set for the pilot edition of the #FFXIVSnapAStory contest. You can read the bases here.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Baderon,” I said, irritated. “Sending me out into the damn desert for relics and that’s all the pay there is for it?”

“Ye’ll ‘ave no choice, if ye ever want any gil in yer pockets.  Besides, yer a crafty ‘venturer, grabbin’ some ol’ stones shouldn’t be a problem for ye.  Give ol’ Baderon a tale of it when ye’re back an’ the ale ‘ll go on me,” Baderon replied.

“Alright, alright, not like I have much of a choice.  Tell me the details.”

With a sigh, I accepted the quest.  As always, I tried to haggle some more out of Baderon but, also as always, he didn’t buckle that easily.  I went to the railing outside the inn and leaned over it. The sun reflected off the white stone of Limsa, giving the city a bright shine. After watching the waves for a while, I made for a ship to Thanalan.

Upon arriving at the dock of Vesper Bay, I already regretted this quest.  I still had to travel a good way by land and the heat was awful.  But moaning ain’t bringing in any funds, I thought, so I saddled my chocobo and got on my way.


The travel had been rather uneventful, as expected from a desert; aside from the occasional oversized critter, not much stood in the way.  Soon, the high walls of Ul’Dah came into view.  They towered over the flat desert land.  Not that someone with a light coin purse like me had much to do there, but it was enough to rest the night and stock up on some supplies… and maybe it wouldn’t hurt to at least browse the splendors of the market a little.

With supplies packed and a night of sleep, I got up at dawn, getting ready to continue.  An adventurer knows little rest, after all, I thought; however, an adventurer also easily gets bored and the desert didn’t offer anything besides sand, rocks, and the burning sun.  My travel companion wasn’t much for conversation either, aside from yelling “kweh” here and there.  Contemplating whether the heat or the boredom would get to me first, I eventually got close to the location.  It was too late to do any exploring, though, and I needed to settle for the night.  There were two settlements in the area: one was a band of refugees, the other a settlement of Miqo’te.  Neither of them were too inviting.

I left my chocobo at the settlement and walked to the ruins.  Stone golems were roaming around the entrance.  It shouldn’t be too hard to take them out, I thought, but there was enough cover to sneak past them as well.

Having made my way into the deeper ruins, I found some writings and tablets.  They didn’t look particularly interesting, but I made copies of the writings and took whatever fit into my bag.  People pay for all kinds of things from ruins, I thought, so I took every opportunity to grab things.

Of course it wasn’t that easy, it didn’t take long to encounter inhabitants of this derelict place.  And so, as adventurers do, I fought and looted my way through the ruins.

Eventually I came into a bigger hall.  When I heard a rumbling, I readied myself. It must be a sort of guardian to these ruins. Looks like it might protect something valuable.

Baderon better pay me some extra coin for this…

“Log of an adventurer”


Story by Rhika Kaatah