Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


*She flexes her muscles!* Another photo that I find so good. You paid attention to every single detail of the image and you achieved that everything fits perfectly. I love the gray colours you’ve chosen, as they make me feel a sense of serenity and strength. Although I can’t avoid not trusting a lalafell with a mustache, it’s the fault of Lolorito! – No Ma’rah

2nd place


The concept of your submission is cool and your outfit fits the theme, but I think the framing of the shot could be better. While the lanters in the middle and lower sections of the shot look really cool, the ones placed in the upper part get cropped midway… I would try to avoid that. Also, that NPC face in the lower right corner is really disturbing. I would also recommend you to play a little bit more with other filters that might enhance the colours of your shot. – Fran

3rd place


I love what you did with this screenshot! The pose you chose, the way your character is gazing at the horizon, the framing of the shot… all of this elements are the perfect ingredients for an epic screenshot. Also, the way you captured the airship landing tower, the bridges, the water and the streets of Kugane really fit the “eastern” theme. The only thing I don’t like about this shot is the Prima Vista, which (IMO) doesn’t really fit with the rest of the environment. But that’s something you can’t fix, so nevermind. Great work! – Fran

Rest of the entries

I really like the colour scheme you used. The outfit and jewelry is also spot on, but I think there are tons of locations in Othard that would have been a better background that the market streets of Kugane. – Fran



Your photo is pretty original! You focused on reflecting the Far East through your glamour without much help from the background and that is a very complicated challenge. Blue is not the most identifying color of this theme, but you’ve managed to make it look great in your photo. It gives an air of mystery that is very attractive, accentuated because you only show part of the face of your character. However, if you want to take a picture of this style, I would have changed the crop of the image for a more suitable one (perhaps by the tip of the nose). – No Ma’rah



Lovely display of Kugane’s plaza during daylight! The place looks so colourful and shows perfectly the eastern side of FINAL FANTASY XIV’s world. Nevertheless, I would have tried to work a little bit more with your character’s position and with the camera so that you didn’t seem to be floating above the rope. – Fran



So menacing! I can almost imagine your character snickering and plotting some poor sap’s demise. And you’ve also given us just enough of the background to know where we are. I’m also a fan of how you cut off the character’s eyes, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks of how they would appear. One thing I’d say you could play around with is the gpose lighting. I’d say the character is a tad too lit up to be a mysterious figure, though it does help her pop in the picture. Very nice shot!  – Rook



This is a really nice use of the sunset. You’ve definitely done a really good job with placing your character in a determined pose with a good palette of rich warmer colors. However, one thing I have to note is I’m not sure the animal ear headband really fits in the picture. Also, a  little lighting behind you may have made the colors of the back of your chest piece a little less muddy as well. – Rook



The idea of ​​the photo is original and the vanilla category is always a challenge. You chose a different and more complicated scenario to capture the theme of the contest. I know that your idea was to reflect the Onokoro sky in your photo, but it gives to me a sense of emptiness. I miss something else in that sky. There are not many people who dare to use the filters of the game, but you achieved a good result with them.- No Ma’rah



Your outfit and location fit the theme perfectly, and I love the playfulness of the shot and how you used the pose to make it look like she’s balancing on the rope– well done! That being said, the big things I’d do to improve this shot are framing/zoom and where the character’s eyes are pointed. There are little bits in the background (ie the ship, I hate that thing!) that are distracting from the picture. For zoom, you could have zoomed out a little bit to make the background seem a bit farther away– adding further to the danger of the situation. And for her eyes- right now they look like they’re staring at someone/something walking somewhere to the side of her instead of at the ground.  – Rook



You chose the interior of a house to make the photo and that requires the effort of taking it and decorating the interior in the proper way. The challenge has been double for you, so I want to congratulate you for having faced it in such an extraordinary way. I would have changed the lighting, since your character hardly stands out and you can’t appreciate the furniture well because of this and the little blur that is in the photo. Your lala is very beautiful, by the way! – No Ma’rah



The glamour choices and the colors of this shot are gorgeous! You’ve definitely taken the time to fit the theme and the poses of the characters are well done. One thing to note about taking a screenshot in the marketplace in Shirogane and not Kugane though, is that you have to work with the lack of NPC’s in the area. Because of this, it makes the theme of your character in the white buying something from a marketplace a little harder to figure out from the first glance; it makes your characters feel a little out of place. Even still, I do love what you’ve done here! – Rook


Soft-edited category:

1st place


Such a lovely screenshot of Shirogane! I love how you framed this shot and the colours you got. The cherry blossoms, the ornaments and the NPCs of Shirogane really help to capture the essence of FFXIV’s eastern residential area. The only suggestion I could make would be to zoom out a little bit the camera so that we could see the NPC in the corner and not only part of his figure. Nevertheless, good job! – Fran


2nd place


I love the combination of colors you chose, it creates a very nice contrast between the soft tones of your character’s clothes and the reddish colors of the background. It gives a very cheerful touch to the photo, as opposed to the typical idea of ​​sobriety and traditionality that we have from the Far East. However, perhaps I would have used something less of  blur for the background. The glamour is perfect for the theme, I like how you combined the mask with the tunic. And the smile of your character is really captivating! – No Ma’rah


3rd place


Aww, this is so cute! I’m a huge fan of the expression your character is wearing while looking towards the sunlight. This is the sort of screenshot that really brightens the viewer’s day. 😀 One thing to note though, is that the minion is a little distracting from the overall portrait. I admit, you caught it in a very cute pose, but I still feels it distracts from the rest of the picture a little bit. Excellent shot! -Rook


Rest of the entries


I really love how you used the colors in the shot, the pastels are lovely, and your outfit fits the theme. And your use of depth of field is brilliant, it shows just enough detail of the normally busy background without having it distract from the foreground. One thing to note though, although the camera angle is really great for capturing more of the lovely area that is Kugane, it makes me a bit confused as to what your character is doing. Is she waving to someone she is fond of? Is she dancing? Is she threatening to fall off the edge of this wooden railing? – Rook



I really like the idea, it’s very creative and original. You captured a different landscape for the contest and that’s really complicated. The background mist creates a perfect contrast to the setting of your photo; It reminds me of an ancient samurai walking his way through the bamboo fields. The frame you added also contributes to that feeling, since it makes the image looks like a movie. Perhaps I would have moved the camera a little away to better cover the landscape even if your character was smaller in the photo.- No Ma’rah



The colour scheme in this screenshot is top-tier! I really dig the focus on red colours with the additional contrast of black and white created by your hair and skin. Kudos to you for trying to convey the eastern feel somewhere else than Kugane and Shirogane, although I would have tried to look for a place with more eastern elements. Still, well done! – Fran



One of the things I love most about this shot is the lighting. It really brings out the beauty of your character, the outfit, and the wings of the beautiful morpho butterfly. However, one thing I’d recommend is playing a bit more with your depth of field and character placement. I have a hard time trying to figure out where in the picture to look at first, the bright mass of yellow to the left or your character is somewhat distracting. -Rook



The nails, the outfit, the hairstyle… gorgeous! I especially like how your highlights match the colours of the cherry blossoms. However, I feel like you’re standing too close to the house; try staying a little bit further from backgrounds or expanding a little bit the field of view. – Fran



I like that you’ve done the photo in black and white, it’s pretty different. The outfit you’ve chosen is ideal for the theme, although the sunglasses break the classic aesthetics of the photo because they are too modern. I really like the idea of ​​the photo being symmetrical, but the pose of your character, although it contributes to this symmetry, makes the hands go through his clothes. – No Ma’rah



The photo is so creative, I love that you chose two NPC as protagonists. You captured one of the most typical Kugane scenes for me. I love the tones of the photo, they are very cheerful. Maybe I would have tried to capture something else from the top, to see the complete attire of the characters and the umbrella. You had a lot of patience to take the photo the perfect moment in which the two characters look at each other, it’s not easy. Good job! No Ma’rah



This pictures makes me feel so calm and peaceful… I really like the atmosphere and the colours you got. The pose is really soothing as well. However, I think that the water reflection could have been done better and maybe a little bit of DOF would have helped to keep the focus on the forefront. – Fran


Heavily-edited category:

1st place


Wow! I think I’m seeing a miqo’te version of Yotsuyu. I really like the clothes and accessories that you chose for the photo; especially the umbrella, which gives a  sophisticated touch to your character. The colours are very well chosen, they convey a very pleasant feeling of warmth. The only downside I can put to this wonderful photo is that the frame you used is not the most appropriate, since the photo is beautiful enough to want to see it in its entirety. – No Ma’rah


2nd place


This image is simply perfect. The location, the lighting, the attire, the pose… everything reflects the theme with total accuracy. It seems that she’s ready to fight against any opponent of the Sekiseigumi! – No Ma’rah


3rd place


The color scheme, glamour and background are so sync here, I love it! I find myself wishing I could see your character’s eyes though, I feel like it would give the picture a bit more depth. – Rook


Rest of the entries


Your outfit really fits the atmosphere of Kugane. I personally love the contrast of black and white elements, both on your hair and your skin, supported by warm colours such as red and yellow. I think it would have looked even better if you had desaturated a little bit the greens and blues, though. Anyways, you did an amazing job! – Fran



Woah, you really know how to capture a pose! The dynamic arched position of your character really makes it look like he’s about to spring into battle! The sakura petals are a beautiful effect as well. One challenge for another day would be to play around a bit more with your background. From where the viewer is standing, it kind of looks like your character could be standing on water. There doesn’t look like there’s much of a stage for your character to be standing on at the moment. -Rook



The cinematic look in this screenshot is outstanding! I really like the colours and the lighting you got. Even so, I think a little bit of DOF would have helped to keep the attention on the closer part of the shot. – Fran


I really like the colors you chose for your character and the way all the attention is focused on her beautiful blue eyes. However, I can’t see the theme of the contest reflected in your photo at all. There are few elements that evoke me the Far East and I even think that the clothes (although they are very beautiful) aren’t the most appropriate. – No Ma’rah


What a lovely shot of Kugane! I really like how you framed the picture to bring the emphasis to this Eastern city. One thing to note though– there are so many green roofs that it’s the first part of the picture my eyes go to before your character. Plus since your character is in the shade, she seems more pale than most of the shot. Perhaps mess around a bit with lighting and zoom to really make your character pop! – Rook


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