Results #BestFFXIVSnaps – November 2018

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


The colors in this shot really capture that crisp winter feeling, I love how the blue fades to white then contrasts with the horizon. Though the angle of the tres on the left slightly skews the perspective for me.- Seoras

2nd place


WOW, the contrast in this image is beautiful 😀 I don’t normally like dutch angles in images but I really like the use of it here. – Megu

3rd place


Wow, the colors in this image are stunning! I love it! 😀 – Megu


Rest of the entries


I like the way how you used the emote here, that’s how you usually react to the first snow in the year. But in my opinion, colors probably should be a little bit warmer. – Naur



The way you’ve used the particle effect here captures perfectly the magic of falling snow! Perhaps you could have used some lighting to pick out the features a little more. – Seoras



I love the idea! Very lovely entry. However, personally, I would do the pic from a higher angle for showing snow on the background. – Naur



Very lovely entry! I really love the colors 🙂 I think id love this piece even more if it was landscape tho but it’s still a very nice image. – Megu



There is a real winter’s image! That’s how children spend their holidays in this season, so the idea of the picture is really nice. Still, colors are a little bit calm for such shot, I think that you could do this screenshot in daylight with sunny weather. – Naur



The snowstormy background and setting you’ve chosen work so well to emphasize the idea of isolation. If the spire on the left was out of shot it would be even better!- Seoras



I love the snow effect on this image! The only downside I have is that you end up losing a lot of the details in the image. – Megu

Vanilla entries - November 2018


Soft-edited category:

1st place


I really, really love your entry! The atmosphere is cute and romantic and colors palette complements it. I wish you will continue your development in the same direction! – Naur


2nd place


Can imagine you there on your balcony with a cuppa! you really made a great setting 🙂 – Megu


3rd place


Beautiful. I love the way you use the lighting here to make the lens dirt flare stuff look like snow. The contrast is slightly strong, the cat could be softer, but still, 10/10 would {/pet}- Seoras


Rest of the entries


Wonderful! You absolutely captured the essence of princess here. The light bokeh in the background and way the dress glows like ice are perfect. Maybe you could have cropped out the fern/rock in the foreground but this is great! – Seoras



A very interesting picture. However, colors are a little bit yellow, while, in my opinion, they should be more cold and blue. – Naur



This entry is very unique in comparison to the others! I love that 😀 to further improve the image I’d recommend playing around with lighting a little as the image seems a little washed out. – Megu


You’ve captured the sunset perfectly here, the colors in the shot are wonderful. Angling the shot must have been very difficult and it turned out great! I think if all of your character/ carbuncles were in the image the composition would really highlight the feel you achieve with the rest of the shot. – Seoras



This is so beautiful, the posing of your character, DoF on the fence, and the colors throughout really convey a very artistic feel to me. The slight yellow-brown tint emphasizes this feel for me and reminds me of a painting I love, though some may prefer a brighter, whiter approach. Don’t forget you can drag the shaders up and down to reorder them in ReShade (so you don’t DoF your copyright layer ^^)- Seoras



Honestly, to say, I hardly can connect this shot with snow theme even though there is a snow background for sure. But picture itself and colors a really good and I love them. The angle is also perfect and character look mysterious. – Naur

Soft-edited entries - November 2018



Heavily-edited category:

1st place


Snowboards and snow under them look a little bit harsh compared to the game textures and screenshot background. Still, you did nice work with editing and I’m sure that you can create really impressive entries in the future! – Naur


2nd place


How do I comment on someone whose work so often inspires my own D: Your use of DoF and the composition are exemplary as ever! It exudes a very lonely snowy feel for me. Perhaps the lighting is a little omnidirectional? – Seoras


3rd place


Beautiful snow goddess Ulala <3 Lovely effects too! – Megu


Rest of the entries


Wow, a beautiful couple as always Malk! I love the sepia effect on this image 😀 Only feedback I would be for Neisha to have a different color sweater on so she’d match you a little more haha. Still a very adorable and lovely image – Megu



Hair editing looks a little bit tentative, but the coloring is quite nice. The main atmosphere of the picture is really deep. Keep going! – Naur



This is, really cool! I don’t know very much about editing but I do know that the way you’ve used your pose, outfit, minion, and the environment are all very creative and it has all come together fantastically well! Perhaps there is a tad much blur in the background, but I really like this.- Seoras



I almost hear how this snowball zips right past my ear! Really nice done shot with nice colors as well. – Naur

Heavily edited - November 2018

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