Results #bestffxivsnaps – May 2019

Contest winners and entries.

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


Ah, I love this, I love this! The night is sure wild with such beautiful, vibrant colors, giving me the feeling that this fight is sure as wild as the night is! I wanna say though, that you could have done better usage of lightning on your character, I really couldn’t notice your character much! I wanna see more of your character fighting! Good job!! – Ephy

2nd place


PARTY PARTY PARTY! A night wouldn’t go wild without a party and booze. I really like the background and I can tell already that Moogles are preparing a prank on you! I like your idea, but my problem is, I can’t really see you and your friends pretty well, I can see the moves but I would have loved if all of you were closer a bit. Better position of the camera on the stars of the party and probably different lightning!  By all means a nice shot! – Ephy

3rd place


Someone is going all tipsy over here, haha! I really love how you’ve used the tilted perspective. This technique really gives a feeling of a ‘wild night’ with a few drinks and the greatest mood on Earth. Your character is happily embracing the night, haha!  You’ve chosen a nice, warm setting and the blue dress (as a strong contrast), is truly an eyecatcher. In my opinion, the overall color scheme in the picture appears to be a bit too saturated. So maybe try to experiment with a different filter and different-colored light sources the next time! – Yokufo


Rest of the entries


What’s a wild night, without a good ol’ sip of the finest alcohol, hm?! 😉 I like the scenery you’ve chosen and your bad-boy-checking-out-the-town outfit! In my opinion, the soft and warm lit street really creates a nice contrast to the ‘cooler’ and darker foreground. At first, I wasn’t sure if your character was simply walking and yawning. Then I zoomed in and noticed him having a drink! Good choice for the theme, however, I would definitely try to outline this a bit more to make it more visible. I would suggest using more light to define your character better! – Yokufo



A wonderful shot! A brave choice of going on that Garlean camp, I really like the way the picture was shooted, I can see things getting wild in this scene. My only little problem was, the angle of your character, I really couldn’t see much of your beautiful pose! A little better angle and this would be a perfect battle scene!- Ephy



Oh my god, where did you get lost? That was my first thought before even reading the title, I really like your pose and the expression, they are really nicely captured! You have really captured the terror after a wild nights aftermath. Great shot! – Ephy



Along, charming stretch is what’s needed after a long wild night, haha! I like the posture and the relaxing, half dark atmosphere. The perspective from above is well chosen since it gives you have a feeling of observing the character within his own world. I would suggest you test and play with the light sources more courageously! For example, you have two distinct light sources within the room. One of them is the lamp on the table and the second one is the lantern on the wall. I would use them more to integrate some more light into your picture! 🙂 – Yokufo




Edited category:

1st place


I love the idea you used, it’s literally another wild party! The colors, the slight turn of the camera and even the positions of both characters seem perfect. While many people would think of something a little “dark” because it’s a theme related to the night, you’ve opted for something very luminous. And that’s a good thing because even if it’s the night it doesn’t mean there can’t be light. I love the choice of glamour for both characters. To be honest, it’s difficult to get a point to improve the photo, because everything looks wonderful. – No Ma’rah


2nd place


What’s more wild than a party on the beach? I really like the idea of ​​the screenshot. The fact you softened the champagne foam to integrate it with the background, giving the effect of “stars”, it’s a great success. I love the colors, especially the blue tone of the water.

The only detail I don’t like is the lighting of the characters. It’s something that many people have not taken into account. Remember that the night is dark, but you can still “shine” in it (especially in a fantasy universe like the Final Fantasy). The definition of the characters, in this case, seems important enough to highlight this issue, because if you remove them, the photo is “stars” and water. Nothing very remarkable.

I like the typography you used for the theme. As a tip, perhaps I would have made it bigger, with a white tone (without the opacity lowered) and without the background brightness, as well as putting the hashtag a little smaller and aligned to the right to give movement to the text. – No Ma’rah


3rd place


I love this shot, I truly do! What should I comment first? The amazing Dark Knight sword with those fancy colors? The pose? The battlefield? The image speaks for itself, it’s really great! But even though it’s great, I feel like that the sword it’s covering too much of the image, my eyes are always on the sword, not in the whole scenery. I would tell you to put a bit more light on the background, I want to see more of this image. A really beautiful shot! Keep going! Good job! -Ephy



Rest of the entries


The colors in this photo are great. It has the red of fire, the blue of lightning and the purple of magic, they’re perfect to define a Black Mage. Maybe it’s a bit difficult for me to relate your photo to the selected theme but, being such an abstract subject, you gave it a different touch to the other participants. As a point to keep in mind, perhaps I’d have looked for a glamour a bit more striking for your character. It’s true that the meteorite attracts completely the attention of the viewer, but at the same time, it takes it away from your mage who, from my point of view, should have the same role. Adding some light effects to your character could also have achieved the effect I mentioned – No Ma’rah



I really like your entry! The little Lala is simply adorable! Despite the shot being rather dark color-schemed, you did great to depict the ‘party’ aspect with the main focus centered around your character. The blurred background pulls the focus towards you and the intensified glowing effects of the people’s armor, bring an additional ‘wild’ and merry aspect into your shot. Love the idea of the light sticks! No party can go wild without a good rave, ay? 😉

I would make a small suggestion for your possible improvement for the shot: Try to lighten up the shot a tad more. Your character seems to ‘vanish’ a bit too much. Maybe set a light source coming from behind? This would outline her a bit more! – Yokufo



I think it’s very creative that you have related the theme “Wild Night” with fear, giving your picture a scary air. It’s an original idea in which almost no participant has thought. The rain is the perfect complement to your photo, I think it looks wonderful.

The only detail I would improve is that your picture is too dark and the details are not very well distinguished. You can see your character, your Chocobo and the Aetheryte, but you can hardly see anything else. If you had illuminated the eyes or certain parts of the photo a bit more, there would be a clearer focal point to attract the attention of the viewer. – No Ma’rah



I understand the idea you want to transmit with your photo but I think the subject of the contest is not reflected in it very clearly without the description.

I like the position in which you’ve captured your character, as well as the place you chose for the photo since it makes my eyes go directly to the character and his weapon. As a recommendation, when you make screenshots like this one, if you don’t want the bow to get all the attention, it’s a good idea to use one with fewer effects or give your character something that makes him stand out more than the weapon. For example, your glamour. In this case, perhaps it lacks the touch I’m talking about so I can’t stop looking at it.

The colors are very good. Dark but without being too much to not appreciate the details of the photo. – No Ma’rah



The angle of the camera in the photo seems very creative since it gives a lot of movement to the image. The colors are beautiful, I love the tones you used. Although I understand your intention was that your character transmitted darkness because he’s a Dark Knight, I think you should have illuminated the armor in some parts to give more definition to his body and his posture. The fusion of the sword with the background seems splendid.

The only detail that I don’t like about your screenshot is the way you placed the credits. The color and typography are very accurate, but the fact that the size is as big as the name of the game and you used the same type makes it lose importance. To fix it, I’d have placed it a little higher, with a lighter color to highlight it and the credits below much smaller. – No Ma’rah



I seriously love this one! In my opinion, it depicts a very ‘different’ kind of how a wild night can go (we’ve all been there, haha! The perspective is extremely well chosen. The stretched image grants the viewer with a feeling of confusion and uncertainty. I find myself instantly thinking into the character along the lines of: “Ugh.. my head hurts..”, “Where am I?” and  “ the last thing I actually remember?”  The color scheme fits the gloomy mood, the light sources are well chosen! You depict only what’s needed from the background, pointing out that the ‘wild night’ might not be over yet. The shadow gives me creeps haha!

I would tilt the picture angle a little bit to make the shot more striking, but other than that a very good job! 🙂 – Yokufo



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