Results #bestffxivsnaps – March 2019

Contest winners and entries.

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


I really like how you’ve used the circle of the twelve as a frame for your character’s head. Combined with the eye-catching pink of your hair, it creates a great focal point for the viewer. I also really like the time of day you’ve chosen, as the yellow lights of the cathedral go well with the surrounding blue tones while also adding a warmth to the picture. I wonder if you could have cropped the image a little more, as the empty sky on the right side seems to create unbalance with the busyness of the left side. Overall though, a really impressive shot! – Evie  

2nd place


This is a really nice landscape screenshot.  The crumbled ruins absolutely hearken to ancient times, and the foggy / cloudy atmosphere adds a bit of an eerie mood to the picture. I know the angle here was probably a struggle, being kind of on a hillside. I feel like the tree steals the focus from the ruins a bit, being closer in the photographer’s field of vision, but overall this is very well done, especially for a vanilla SS. – Malk

3rd place


I really like how you’ve used a natural light source to create a silhouette with the ancient building. You’ve obviously put some thought into the time of day, and it’s resulted in warm and beautiful lighting, as well as colour. I wonder if you could have found a better spot to take the picture, or perhaps cropped the image differently, to avoid having enemies in the shot. In particular, the bright blue of the water sprite is quite different to anything else within the screenshot. Overall though, I really like this scenic shot! – Evie


Rest of the entries


I love your use of one of the more traditional-looking suits of armor in the game, complete with the helm that brings to mind ancient Greece or Rome.  And dat axe! I can definitely see it being an executioner’s axe. Your brick and stone setting also gives this photo the feel of being taken in a dungeon.  I think with the executioner being the focus here, the camera could be zoomed in a little closer, and I’d love to see what you could come up with by utilizing lighting to create a bit more stark of a shadow across your subject, with some adjustments to the camera angle to give it a bit more of a sinister edge. – Malkovich


I like the choice of place, Rabanastre is a great as this place got nice fitting  atmosphere and feel to it. Positioning of you character gives your picture feel of some new world and discovery. Love the overall ambience but I think you could use some filters and shading on sides that would make the lights from ceiling pop way more and improve the overall feeling of picture being way more impacting. Often simple thing as more contrast can do wonders. Keep up at good work! – Nue


The Picture is nicely balances for blacks and lights, shifting most of the attention to the building in background. Thought, the blacks in background also have your character to blend in with them. Since the Antitower is also place where things are upside down maybe you could try rotate camera around as well to reach more odds in the picture. – Nue


I like this a lot.  Your setting is well chosen and brings to mind an ancient labyrinth or a network of underground catacombs. Your character is well defined and illuminated. While the subject’s outfit is very cute, I feel like this could be improved if it better matched the theme.  The spell effect (green line across the middle) is also a little bit distracting; not sure if disabling spell effects would get rid of that for you, but it may be something to consider in the future. Good job! – Malk



I really like the overall feel of this image, the Amdapor area gives the feel of old and ancient. The color scheme all fit really nice together and your character do not disturb the flow of image at all, but instead fits in well and ads a interesting point for eye to focus on. Nicely done. – Nue



I like how you’ve chosen to capture this ancient door from the side rather than straight-on, it helps create some interest for the viewer. I wonder if you could have made a clearer focal point for the viewer though—both the waterfall and the blue light distract from the ancient door, and I’m not quite sure where I should be looking in this picture. Overall though, well done on creating an interesting screenshot! – Evie



I like the way you created the optical illusion between your character and the building in background. I think the Picture could be improved upon if there was maybe less focus in background and more lights and shades to improve the contrast of the picture and focus on main feature. – Nue





Soft-edited category:

1st place


My favourite thing about this shot is the colour—I really like the bright blue tones you’ve achieved with the sky! I also think the camera angle was well chosen, as it allows the viewer to get a sense of height and grandeur from the ancient building, while still being able to capture that beautiful sky, and connecting the building to its context within a larger space. I wonder if you could have edited the reds in the picture to be less prominent, or perhaps approached the building from another side, so that the viewer’s eye isn’t drawn to the red rocks at the building’s base. Overall, a striking and vibrant screenshot, well done! – Evie


2nd place


The picture is for most parts nicely balanced and the character’s glamour also compliments the backgrounds of the ruins while one not being more vocal than other. The colors are in good balance as well and do not disturb the flow. The subtle fog effect around create a slightly dreamy atmosphere is also really nice and fit the overall image really well. The only problem there is that is also create this white space on right side that can distract the eye  away from character and rest of the background as the space is way more bright compared to rest of the picture. I think either have less brightness in that area or either adding bit more of it in similar fashion on other side of imagine could improve the balance. Apart from that it’s a really nice work. And I hope to see more of your work in the future. – Nue


3rd place


I really like how you interpreted the “ancient” theme using glamour. The gold and orange tones of your au ra and her weapon really pop out from the blue background. Along with your use of a blurred background, you’ve done really well in creating a clear focus on your character. While I really like the camera angle you’ve used, I think the image could have been cropped a little better. At the moment, my eyes are being led off the screen by the guiding lines created by your au ra’s body. I also find it distracting that her feet are cut off. Perhaps zooming out a fraction more would solve this. Overall though, I really enjoy the bright and colourful nature of this screenshot! – Evie


Rest of the entries


I’m loving this.  You have really captured the moment of standing amongst age old ruins, pondering their secrets, and preparing to delve.  The lighting is very subtle and the colors muted, which adds to the “ancient” feeling of the screenshot. The camera’s tilt angle may be a bit jarring, and I feel like our star, the excavator, could use a bit more illumination to highlight her.  Wonderful job overall. – Malk



Simply awesome. It’s hard to have a discussion about “ancient” in FFXIV without mentioning the Allagan civilization.  This is without a doubt one of the best landscape shots of the zone I’ve personally seen. The time of day and weather also seem to enhance the more organic and earthy elements of your picture.  There might be a tiny bit too much HDR, but other than that this is really groovy. – Malk



I love this picture for its uniqueness. Standing before this ruined coliseum definitely evokes the ancient theme well, and the dark red / maroon tint applied gives a very otherworldly feel to it.  Your character looks very mysterious, cloaked mostly in shadow with a gleaming curved blade highlighted. I can absolutely see them on a Dark Souls – type quest. I feel like parts of the image may be a bit blurry, or could be more defined and sharpened.  Excellent work! – Malk




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