Contest winners and entries.

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your work with us! Here you can see all the entries and winners by category. The theme this edition was Market.

Congratulations to everyone and see you on the next edition!

Vanilla category:

1st winner: Kajsa

“Fancy a visit to the markets? I wonder what I should get…”

2nd winner: Nue Walker

“Always busy market.”

3rd winner: Estia Loire

“What I love the most in markets is the ton of delicious streetfood !!! Sooo yummy!”

Rest of the entries:

Edited category:

1st winner: Bec

“Sshhh don’t tell anyone you saw me, I didn’t steal it”

2nd winner: Lilith

“Wandering the markets of Kugane.”

3rd winner: Kiruu Joniss

“Another Day at the Market”

Rest of the entries:

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