Results #bestffxivsnaps – January 2019

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


I can clearly tell which /gpose-filters you have used! The camera-angle and the position of your character is perfectly chosen, especially the glow through the sun – Arrior Button

2nd place


This area is amazing and I love that you managed to capture the spirit of this forest. It’s wonderful! The colours are well balanced and enhance the mystic atmosphere and you managed to get details people doesn’t notice everytime. Good job! – Myscha

3rd place


I like the setting in general, a good place. But I miss some filters or a better guiding point which draw my whole attention (like your character somewhere in the picture). The way how it is now, I don’t know what I should look at first. I think with your character (or the stone) in the front you can make some better guiding lines  – Arrior Button


Rest of the entries


I like the basic setting that you have chosen. But the environment and your character seems a bit blurry. Is that due to the graphics settings or the focus? I’m pretty sure if you can position your character and the camera angle in a different way, you can make it next time! – Arrior Button



I like your little story that you created for your image! I just wish I could see more of the forest since it feels like most of the image focuses on the character and the rock near her. – Snurbletufts



I like how you chose to show your character with a unicorn as it is a great icon of a fantasy forest. However, I do think that you could work on the position of the camera and the chosen location. There’re a lot of parameters to take into account, like landscape, weather, time of the day, light and colours. Don’t give up and keep looking for new places and new angles! – Myscha



Love the Robin Hood cosplay! Nothing says forest like the girl in green! I would suggest trying to make sure some of the badly textured grass in this game was less zoomed in the front camera because those details really put a damper on your great shot! – Snurbletufts



I really like the way you captured the various colorful trees in your composition. My only suggestion is maybe angling the shot a little differently because instead of looking at the trees the first thing my eyes go to is the small empty path in the bottom middle of the screen. – Snurbletufts


Vanilla entries - January 2019


Soft-edited category:

1st place


I really like how you use the positioning of the camera to support the mood of the forest. Also the use of the filters is very good. But the font and the positioning of the title block draw too much attention for me, maybe you can change something about it. – Arrior Button


2nd place


A bamboo forest! The fog behind add a mysterious touch to the landscape, I like it. The purple camaieu of your character makes a good contrast with the the green background, without denaturing it. The only suggestion I’d do is to try the rule of third, to balance the whole picture. It would show your character out while showing us a good sight of the forest. Keep going! – Myscha


3rd place


This is a really neat spot I didn’t realize even existed! It’s great that you provided the location as well! The various parts of the image are unique and flow great together. I only wish the front portion with all the wheels was a little more in focus because I’m actually curious what exactly they are! – Snurbletufts


Rest of the entries


While I do love the idea of looking out into the forest as the composition here, the depth of field blur really hides the great forest details. The focus ends up being on the character and the rock instead taking away from what we are trying to actually look at for the theme. – Snurbletufts



I like the story you want to share with us and the autumn colors of the forest. The character is mixed with the landscape, but when you’re hunting that’s the most important part of the activity. So it’s a good point. What I don’t understand is the white outline you added. We don’t notice it on the miniature but once you look at the picture in fullscreen, it looks blurry and chaotic. It’s a shame that we struggle to recognize the scene.. Especially when your composition has big potential! Take care to not get lost in the process when you’re editing. Keep going, you’re on the right path!  – Myscha



I like the idea that the distant forest is in focus and the area right in front of you is unfocused. Very good use of the new / gpose features. But the fog (and the “missing” filters) make the whole picture look “bland”. Maybe all this in a different area like the Central Shroud? – Arrior Button



I actually really love this especially the different DOF between all the various trees. My only suggestion would be to slightly sharpen and improve contrast to make the image and the beautiful weather pop out more. – Snurbletufts


Is this place at Azys Lla? I like the originality of the scene, not everyone would have thought about it. The crystals add great tone contrast with the vegetation. If I have one suggestion, it would be the size of the characters. The poses you used make the scene lovely, I wish they get more importance for your story. Without your quote I wouldn’t have noticed them >w<
keep up the good work! – Myscha


I really like the picture. I’m a big fan of it, if you can see the “rays of light” in the picture. Maybe you should have just chosen a slightly “darker” filter so that you can see the light rays better – Arrior Button



Good job for getting this weather! An unusual atmosphere emerges from your picture, I like it a lot. You also found a good place to show us both trees and river which are representative of this map. The only regret I’d have is the rock at the bottom left which stand out a bit too much because of the light, so our eyes get focused on it. I know how hard it can be to deal with every elements, so keep your head up, it’s still a really great picture! Well done! – Myscha



I love the soft pastel batch of forest you used for your shot!  The yellows and pinks flow really well together. The focus on the image is a bit awkward though, for example it focuses on the tree but also on the random sign that’s cut off on the left side. I think it would help to focus more on a group of objects closer together towards the center of the image.  – Snurbletufts


Soft-edited entries - January 2019



Heavily-edited category:

Sadly, due to lack of participation in this category, we can only hand out two prizes.

1st place


I like the peaceful mood that the picture conveys. The flying lights / fireflies and the glowing grass support the mood even further. But i miss a greater focus on the forest and perhaps a different pose of the characters, like sleeping – Arrior Button

2nd place



A very good choice of setting, filters and the area. You have hit the subject very well and your thoughts in choosing all of these are clearly visible. And the wasp contributes a large part to the mood of the image, even if it looks damn creepy – Arrior Button


Rest of the entries


Here he is, back with his little Link! I love the reference and the scene, we can easily imagine the story and seeing the character stopping to enjoy the view. The colors are vibrant and the elk adds a fairy touch. The composition is clear and well balanced, so our eyes can notice the key of the scene. The only regret I have would be about the “texture” of the picture. The noise is too present and turn some details too sharp. For example with the branches which end a bit aggressive for the eyes. Good job tho! – Myscha



I am honestly impressed with this a lot because from first glance it looks like a real photo of a gloomy foggy forest. I can see you did a great job incorporating ReShade’s fog feature which I almost never see a use for otherwise. My only suggestion would be composition wise, to either crop out the bit of sky on the right or add in another tree to have less of an empty space there. – Snurbletufts


Heavily-edited entries - January 2019

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