Thanks to all the participants for sharing your job with us! Here you can see all the entries by category, and a little feedback from our judges for every picture. Congratulations to everyone!


Vanilla category:

1st place


This shot is nice as it highlights Mother Nature who will always take back her rights, as indicated in your description. Taking the picture in portraits mods in order to integrate the sun in the frame is an excellent idea, the presence of the goobbues is another nice touch: I would almost say they are the guardians of the Nature. Congratulations for your work, No! – Ahto

2nd place


I love the location you chose! The brightness of the water lilies against the water is very nice and I really like how her dress matches the color of the flowers. My only suggestion would be to fool around in gpose with different angles, to make your screenshot more dynamic! – Lili

3rd place


I really love the effect you created, clever use of the skill and first person view in gpose, creating a lense flare from the brightness of the water. My suggestion would have to be focus more on the beach less on Costa del Sol. – Kiruu

Rest of the entries


I absolutely love the cool color of the background against the warm skin tone of your character and the glow from your bow! He looks ready to get out there and hunt. I also like the vertical framing of the picture-this screenshot is very good! My only issue is that the ‘nature’ part is so hard to see and the screenshot is mostly of your character- I would have loved to see more of the trees in the background and vegetation. – Lili


I love that you decided to think outside of the box and you captured a gorgeous starry sky. The angle of the shot is great leading us to the starry sky. I also like how it is framed by the trees. – Kiruu


Vanilla entries - August 2018

Soft-edited category:

1st place


Good job again this month, Rook! I love the contrast you created this time on your entry – the combination between cold and warm tones, that duality on the left and right of the picture. It’s fantastic. My advice this time is to focus a bit on the framing. On landscape pictures, it’s something really hard to master. You need to make sure every single aspect of the picture is leading the viewer’s focus wherever you want. In this case, I guess the focus in on the main tree, which needs to be a bit more on the centre. Watch out not to have any surrounding items distracting the viewer, like the branches coming up on the right. They even have a different resolution than the main tree, which would need to be more clear. That all will help to you composition! Also I see some strange blur at the left down corner, the rocks and even the black frame are distorted. Watch out on your editing for little mistakes!  Edea


2nd place


I really like the color scheme of this screenshot! A very relaxing atmosphere and it is corroborated by the presence of your character. I would probably have made that the character’s head upward, enforcing even more the fact he is enjoying the serenity of the place. Nevertheless, excellent work!Ahto


3rd place


Pictures from cutscenes are always a nice idea to capture different angles or positions you won’t see normally in game. However, you miss the chance to improve a bit the picture through gpose tools like the deep of field in this case. Lights are quite good in this screen, though! What looks a bit amiss is that orange fog at the top of the picture. Those purple flowers work so good as a complimentary color with the main green of the floor, but that tough orange just breaks the color balance. Maybe cropping a bit that and centering your character you’d improve a bit your composition.  Edea


Rest of the entries


Taking the screenshot in Pagos is an excellent choice. I would advise you to be careful when it comes to color the scheme selection. The foreground is overexposed, contrasting too much with the rest of the picture. I would probably have added stars in the sky, the latter being a bit too empty. Looking forward to your next shot!- Ahto


I absolutely love the glamour you chose for this piece, as well as including the hunting hawk minion! You two look ready to track some beasties! This is a very vivid screenshot, and it makes the foliage beautifully green. However, my only two recommendations is to maybe make some stronger lighting contrast on your character so she stands out more and the sky is a bit drab, taking away from the brightness of your screenshot. – Lili


I love the warmth of the picture, you captured the moment of a sunny day in the woods perfectly! I especially like you reaching out to the tree. The whole thing has this warm glow about it. However, my only recommendation would be to add a more lighting to you or have went with a brighter outfit, as you seem muted compared to the forest around you. – Kiruu


The vividness of the greenery is really nice and I love how excited your adorable Lala is to be out and about in the wilds! I also think the positioning of your character is good. The only thing I am not sure of is if the wings fit or have a purpose. Without the wings, you’d be able to see more of that beautiful, rich forest. Lili


I really like the place where you took the screenshot. However I really regret that there is no real focus on the shot: I would have preferred if you had centered the focus of your shot, as opposed as it is in the screenshot. Be careful with the way your character is sitting too, as it feels like she is sitting on the air, rather than on the ground. The use of another pose or a different location for her would have been more suitable. If you make good use of these advices, I am not worried about the next work you’ll share with us!Ahto


I love the use of the Eorzean alphabet in your picture and how you incorporated into the shadow of the trees. Love the variation of perspective which gives it an excellent depth. It could be a bit brighter. Otherwise this a great picture. Kiruu


Marvelous work! It’s dynamic, the pose is so well chosen and the perfect moment snapped to show those pretty sakura leaves. The theme is so well captured on the variety of colours on the background trees, and that subtle sun reflect. The only thing I’d say to improve it would be to center a bit more the character. It could be placed more up and right to gain focus. The pose and location are good enough to still show the “nature” theme on the picture. Edea


This picture stands out from the rest of entries. Nature can be sweet and pretty but also sinister and dark. I love the idea you wanted to capture on your entry, and it’s hard to get nice raining images due to the lack of light, so well done! Even the weapon fits perfectly with the tone of the snap! However, I feel a bit lost as a viewer. I don’t find a clear focus point, and even I can understand the mood and feel of the picture, I don’t know what do you want to show us. Is it your character, the sky? Try to use your composition to drive the viewer where you want it to look. – Edea


I love that you used mountains in your nature screenshot! The cool color of the mountains makes your character pop. She looks like she is contemplating something very deep. I also love how the screenshot shows how isolated your character is. My only suggestion is the blackness on the left side takes away from your shot, so the picture is a bit dull. Otherwise this is a very nice screenshot. Lili


I see very nice basics here: so well framed, properly lighten, colour picking wisely done to stand out your character between so much green… But I think that’s an issue: too much green. As you barely used the deep of field and greens are enhanced, every branch is so consistent. The only focus of attention I found is your character down at the corner, due to her contrast with pinks. The central tree is a fantastic main item to drive the viewers attention at, but you have to find a way to make it stand out between the rest of the forest. That can be done for example with the deep of field tool. You’re doing really good, keep on testing! – Edea


Soft-edited entries - August 2018

Heavily-edited category:

1st place


Excellent edit, I really like the work you put on this screenshot. The water reflection is well done and the whole shot is really original. I would advise you to center the character a bit more and I would probably have reduced a bit the size of the kanji. Great work nevertheless!- Ahto


2nd place


I love how you are framed in the picture, the smile and the choice of outfit, especially the headpiece with the leaves. My only recommendation would be to have the forest more in frame with you, which would enhance the nature theme. Kiruu


3rd place


I see your picture as an example of balance. Main orange with a couple of points in blue as complementary colour to change the viewers focus from the background flowers to your character. It makes me go though all over the picture to glimpse the details you want to show. Well done! Even being a night shot it has a fantastic light. I just have a couple of pieces of advice from my humble opinion. First one would be not to blur that much the background. Those big flowers are part of the focus of the picture, and even it’s ok having deep of field, they lost their main details. Second would be to center a bit more the picture for your character. He has the right colours to stand out in the middle of this orange sea, but his knee is almost touching the edge of the picture! That would also eliminate part of the top sky. You’ll lose some of that wood structure, but you want to focus on the flowers, right? Edea


Rest of the entries


Interesting mix of colors. The hair edit, the movement given are a nice touch, as it is for the touch of magic added on the hand  Good work on this! However your character being the focus of the screenshot, I would have taken a different approach, so it fits more the “Nature” theme: some of the latest PvP equipment and some of Twin Adders armors can make a good match together. The theme is a bit overshadowed. – Ahto


Heavily-edited entries - August 2018


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