Rathvina Edotomi interview

In July 2018, we reached more than 1,000 followers on our Twitter account.  To celebrate, we wanted to interview one of those followers.  We made a raffle to pick one, and Rathvina was our lucky winner!  Let’s find out more about her:

About you

  • Nickname: Rath
  • Character/s name/s: Rathvina Edotomi
  • Race: Au Ra
  • Server: Siren
  • Social media: twitter.com/Rathvina
  • Tools used for screenshots: gpose


  • When and why did you start playing FFXIV? Originally played in 1.0 then stopped then after Stormblood released decided to pick it back up and haven’t stopped since.
  • What type of player would you consider yourself? Semi-casual
  • Which is your favorite job? AST and RDM
  • Do you like Crafters or Gatherers? Why? Crafters because I can make my own glamour.
  • What is your favorite FFXIV theme? Wayward Daughter the last theme of Tsukuyomi.
  • Which is your favorite duty and why? Tsukuyomi’s Pain, the add phase is so satisfying and I love the music.

About FFXIV screenshots

  • Why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community? I wanted to show off my screenshots and push myself to take better ones.
  • What inspired you to start taking screenshots? The game is just so beautiful that I just kind of started to take them.
  • Why do you love taking screenshots? Love showing off my character and glamour.
  • Your best memory of taking screenshots is… When I started to learn about gpose and how much better the screenshots can be.
  • What is your favorite place to take screenshots? Shirogane, where I have a cottage and love the far eastern style.
  • Do you have any favourite screenshotter? Dragon Mom @Luna_Pixel