These are the winners of the previous #SnapAStory contest, held in December, and they return as judges for our February edition!

Souma Sumire

1st place

Nickname: Shogoun Kaliend
Character/s name: Souma Sumire
Race: Miqo’te
Server: Moogle
Social media: Twitter (@ShogounKaliend)
Tools used for screenshots: GPOSE, ReShade (mostly custom or MoogleShade presets), Photoshop, mods and third party programs

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I discovered FFXIV Snaps community through a mod server where a screenshot contest was held. At that time I wasn’t much into screenshots, I did some with friends, but I wasn’t working them to get the best out of it. So when I heard about FFXIV Snaps Community, I wanted to see why people were creating such communities. I quickly understood why: sharing your work with people who share the same interest and who can give you feedback and tips is a wonderful thing.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

For some people, taking a photography (or a screenshot, I think they are the same) means printing a moment, stopping the time. For me, it’s more than that. It’s a full way to express emotions, to create a new world from the existing one. There is almost nothing restraining you from expressing your creativity, and I love this freedom. Final Fantasy XIV offers us a wonderful tool which is GPOSE, and this tool is becoming more and more advanced allowing even more freedom. I’ll make sure to use it as it should be! Personally, I love to take screenshots telling their own story. I’m not that much into the “beautiful” thing, I want my screenshots to tell something – tell something about themselves, but also tell something to your heart.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Well, every screenshot I take is a wonderful moment. It’s so much fun to tweak with everything I can. But if I should choose only one, I would say it was when I tried to make the “pure miqo’te twins” with a friend. It might not have been the best screenshot I shot, but trying to lead the other player to understand what you want to do is very enjoyable!

Arrior Button

2nd place

As Arrior was judge last month for out event Best FFXIV Snaps, he decided to step down this time as judge. Edea Cross will be replacing him. If you want to know more about Arrior and his work, please check our last month Judges’ Interview: http://ffxivsnaps.com/en/judges-bestffxivsnaps-january-2019/



3rd place

Nickname: Karotte
Character/s name: Corbelle Terrechant
Race: Elezen
Server: Omega
Social media: Tumblr and Twitter (@karotte2188)
Tools used for screenshots: Reshade, gpose and PhotoScape X for some edits

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I was quite new at Twitter and searched for some people enjoying FFXIV screenshots like I do. After browsing through some screens I found the #ffxivsnaps tag and was curious about it. I decided to take a look at it and found a whole community of like-minded people. I was so happy! And then there was a Discord server of it, too (making some dance moves of joy). I knew that’s a place for me, so I joined the community without a doubt. And I didn’t regret it yet. 🙂

Why do you love taking screenshots?

At first I’m glamour addicted! And what better way to show off some new glams than to make some cool screenshots? :wink: From my first screenshots when ARR was just a young new game, without any kind of screenshot tools, to my latest shots with Reshade, gpose and post-editing it was a long journey. And I’m very sad I lost most of my old screens due to missing backups. But showing off glams and experimenting with new picture styles still keep me stay tuned! I love how playing a MMO can turn into making art. For me it’s really endgame, I spend far to much time with it. ^^’

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

I would say there are two breakpoints I like to remember. The first one is the introduction of gpose. Finally there was a tool to make great pictures in game and it was so challenging to explore all it’s features! And then I got aware of reshade. First I was not sure if I really should try it. I’ve never used any kind of mod or parser for FFXIV and I was not sure about how to install such things. (And I still don’t use mods. I tried it, but I didn’t like it). But finally I installed my first version and was stunned of how it could change the already amazing way of making screenshots with gpose! At this point, I really got addicted to making pictures and also decided to create some social media accounts. That to say: without reshade I would never have been a part of ffxivsnaps!