Judges #SnapAStory December 2018

These are the winners of the previous #SnapAStory contest, held in October, and they return as judges for our December edition!


1st place

Nickname: YO
Character/s name: Mania Deprime
Race: Miqo’te
Server: Phoenix
Social media: Twitter: @KALJAYO
Tools used for screenshots: ReShade, Photoshop

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I found out about FFXIV Snaps through the first #ffxivsnapastory contest and I instantly fell in love with the idea of a community revolving solely around FFXIV screenshots. I’m usually very hesitant about joining any contests but there was a very positive feeling around this one and the whole community which encouraged me to participate as well. So I’d say it’s the feeling FFXIV Snaps has, you can feel the passion and love towards screenshots.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

It’s really, really, really fun! FFXIV has countless possibilities when it comes to taking screenshots! I love the fact that there’s such a large variety of screenshots you can take within one game. Eorzea is an incredibly beautiful place with many different kinds of people, culture, milieu etc. which makes it a perfect setting full of ideas. There’s just so many different things and feelings one can convey through screenshots, just like in real life photos. Other than being extremely fun and time-consuming, taking screenshots is rather important to me because it always puts my mind at ease. It’s a great way for me to forget about everything else for a moment and just concentrate on taking the kind of screenshot I want. It has helped me get through some rough times.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Participating in the #ffxivsnapastory contest is something that instantly comes to mind. It was so much fun to take screenshots that had to be based on a specific story! I don’t usually take part in anything of the like and I’m actually pretty shy about showing my screenshots to bigger audience so I was content with myself just by being able to participate. Winning was something I didn’t even consider happening, it made me incredibly happy that people saw my screenshots and thought they were good.


2nd place

Nickname: Lil, Lili
Character name: Lilith Lovecraft
Race: Currently highlander
Server: Balmung
Social media: https://twitter.com/Austere_Rose
Tools used for screenshots: Stormshade, GIMP, http://Paint.net

Why did you join the FFXIV Snaps Community?:

I’ve known Edea since she started Snaps and wanted to be a part of the wonderful community she has created. I am shy and a bit introverted, but the Snaps community was perfect for me and very welcoming!

Why do you love taking screenshots?:

I’ve been drawing since I was very young and attended art school, so taking screenshots was something I found very similar to an art (and it is very much so!). It came second nature to me, to capture the beauty of the world that is FFXIV. I am always looking for that perfect shot, and hope to keep improving and learning from others.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?:

Making my own preset in Stormshade and running around for hours taking screenshots! I use several other presets now, but I still use my own, I especially like it for landscape shots.


3rd place

Nickname: Mimi
Character/s name: Mimiki Miki
Race: Lalafell
Server: Mateus
Social media:
Twitter: @mimiki_miki
Instagram: Mimiki.miki
Tumblr: mimiki-miki.tumblr.com
Tools used for screenshots: Gpose only, no edits.

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I love sharing the beauty I feel from this game with all the people around me! I think FFXIV is an amazing game that needs to be shared so I wanted to spread even more joy by joining the FFXINsnaps community!

Why do you love taking screenshots?

Because I get so much joy just sharing the amazing things I see with people! And I am always so happy to show off all the cute outfits and cosplays I put together in the game.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Taking Link and Zelda cosplay shots with my best friend in the game, Taya Mizuhiki. We had so much fun putting the outfits together and finding the perfect place to pose together. They are still some of my very favorite shots too!