These are the winners of the previous #SnapAStory contest, held in February, and they return as judges for our April edition!


1st place

Sadly Kaljayo couldn’t act as judge during this event, but you can check his previous interview here. Our sponsor Sepheara substituted him, get to know her more on this article!

Yumi Skade

2nd place

Nickname: Yumi
Character/s name: Yumi Skade
Race: Hyur
Social media: Twitter (@YumiSkade)
Tools used for screenshots: Gpose, ReShade and Photoshop

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

Since I discovered the gpose mode at the game I started to make screenshots for myself. When I joined a FFXIV Spanish discord I found a link to FFXIV Snaps community (Why I had not heard about it before!?). When I saw the screenshots contests, I wanted to try it. In fact I opened a Twitter account just to be able to submit to the contests.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

I am a very creative person and I like any way that allows me to express it. I like photography in general and it’s an easy way to fill that concern and practice for real life (framing, lighting …) Since I practically started playing FFXIV, I discovered gpose I started doing screenshots without control, so I have folders full of screenshots (a bit disastrous). Now with ReShade you can do a lot of beautiful screenshots in a second without having to edit it for hours. They really look like real photos!

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Wow, it is very difficult to decide, but surely it would be some screenshots with my partner during the preparation of our wedding in game.

Lilith Lovecraft

3rd place

Nickname: Lil, Lili
Character/s name: Lilith Lovecraft
Race: Elezen (but I also play as FemHighlander & FemRoe)
Social media: Twitter (@Austere_Rose)
Tools used for screenshots: ReShade, Paint .net, GIMP

You’ve gotten to judge this event before! How did you like the experience of being a judge?

I enjoy it very much! I love to see all the people’s entries, and how they tackle the theme. It’s always interesting to see other’s artistic processes.

If you could go on a vacation with any NPC in FFXIV, who would you take and why?

If I could I would take Ysayle. I found her a very complex and amazing character. I would love to talk to her about dragons and her experiences growing up.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in getting into gposing but might not know where to start?

I would tell them to start by taking as many shots as they can, from all different angles. Perhaps learn about some photography & art ‘rules’ (color, composition, rule of thirds) but don’t get hung up on them. Take the kind of screenshots YOU want to see. And practice, practice, practice, & ask other screenshotters questions!