Judges #bestffxivsnaps September 2018

These are the winners of August’s #bestffxivsnaps contest, and now judges for the September edition!

No Ma’rah


  • Nickname: No
  • Character’s name: No Ma’rah
  • Race: Au Ra
  • Server: Moogle
  • Social media: https://twitter.com/nomar2676
  • Tools used for screenshots: Gpose, Photoshop
  • You’re back! We rarely get to re-interview people, so tell us about what it was like to judge this event! I was very excited when I won the contest, I didn’t expect it at all. I’m glad for being able to become a judge again. It’s an incredible experience; you feel people really appreciate your comments and use them to improve. In addition, all the photos I’ve seen in this edition are great and the competition will be very hard. I can’t wait to see more entries!
  • If you could go on a vacation with any NPC in FFXIV, who would you take and why? Cirina, because I love her personality. The relationship you have with her as the Warrior of Light is so sweet and I feel that she’s a character much deeper than she seems. I would love to know more about her personal history. So, maybe in a long walk through the Azim Steppes we can know each other better… blushes
  • What advice would you give someone who’s interested in getting into gposing but might not know where to start? I don’t feel in a position to give any advice, because I don’t think I’m very good either but: just take pictures! Whatever you like: your character, your glamour, your friends, the landscape … any idea is good. And never stop trying to improve: read guides, try new things, ask for advice from people you admire. Pay me a visit, I love to take screenshots with new friends!

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Soft edited

  • Nickname: Rook
  • Character/s name: Etyl Rook
  • Race: Au Ra
  • Server: Adamantoise
  • Social media: https://twitter.com/EtylRook
  • Tools used for screenshots: Gpose, Reshade, and the basic image editor on my computer.
  • Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community? I am friends with one of the staff members of FFXIV Snaps, so I just kinda saw one of her tweets with the Discord link and decided to jump right in. You don’t always find many welcoming, lighthearted communities like this one, and I really enjoy being a part of it and sharing my work here!
  • Why do you love taking screenshots? I’ve had the luck of being able to go on a number of trips during my lifetime, including England, France, and Iceland, and the thing I always loved to do the most on these trips was to take pictures. I loved being able to find beautiful views and trying to make them look even better with the clunky settings of my phone camera. So being able to play around with settings in the beautiful landscapes and characters of FFXIV is a dream come true.
  • Your best memory taking screenshots is? I just remember the first time I ever got to play reshade. It was overwhelming because of the very large menu, but at the same time the power I had over the colors and shadows that you can’t touch with gpose and it just blew me away!


Heavily Edited

  • Nickname: Fran
  • Character’s name: Frahn Loxner’et
  • Race: Miqo’te
  • Server: Zodiark
  • Social media: https://www.instagram.com/franxversus/
  • Tools used for screenshots: Reshade, After Effects, Photoshop
  • Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?: Because I love the idea of knowing a group of people who love taking screenshots in FFXIV as much as I do.
  • Why do you love taking screenshots?: I think it is a nice way to capture the inner beauties of a game that is hard to see while playing it.
  • Your best memory taking screenshots is? A photoshoot I had with some of my friends a while ago. We went to Shirogane and did some cool shots with all-Astrologians. It was fun and we had a lot of laughs while at it.