These are the winners of the previous #bestffxivsnaps contest, held in March, and they return as judges for our May edition!

Wenarian I’ldan

Vanilla, 1st place

Nickname: Wen (or a friendly bard from the neighborhood!)
Character/s name: Wenarian I’ldan
Race: Sunseeker Miqo’te
Server: Shiva / DC Light
Social mediaTwitter for my FFXIV related posts, my main artist Twitter, an Instagram mix of arts, comic project, and FFXIV screenshots!
Tools used for screenshots: In game /GPOSE tool

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

Because their discord server button looked fancy! :wink:

Truthfully, at first I was simply looking for a place to meet and chat with people who shared the same interests as me: Be it art, screenshots or simply love for the world of FFXIV with its fantastic lore. By the time I’ve discovered FFXIV Snaps, I had been a part of the Egidaily community buuuut have never truly felt ‘at home’ there.

What can I say? FFXIV Snaps just hit the right spot for me! I joined the community at the early times when it was still developing and growing. Thus I got to know many amazing and talented people; all of them are working together to make the community a nice, warm and welcoming place for everybody. I mean, how can one NOT get invested in this awesome bunch?! :wink:

Why do you love taking screenshots?

As an artist, I am always searching for inspiration. Be it backgrounds, poses, action shots or simply… colors. I have always loved taking pictures with my phone (since I had one actually capable of taking some in decent quality, haha!). I tend to look back at each photo and remember the emotions, ideas, and inspiration flowing through me back when I took the shot. FFXIV allows me to capture these moments in the game and it offers me a chance to follow my character’s development. Each screenshot has a story. It conveys a message. Since I do share a fair passion for roleplay… well, let’s say that Wenarian (being a bard and a storyteller he is) helps me developing my personal trail of stories and adventures in the game!

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

The option to change emotes while being in /gpose. THANK YOU, SE FOR IMPLEMENTING THAT!

No Ma’rah

Vanilla, 2nd place

Nickname: No
Character/s name: No Ma’rah
Race: Au Ra
Server: Moogle
Social mediaTwitter (@nomar2676)
Tools used for screenshots: Gpose, Photoshop

Do you have a preferred Job? If so, why?

Yes, I love Red Mage. From the first moment, I saw them in Final Fantasy Tactics I’ve always liked them. The ability they have to master both white and black magic has always seemed ver-y interesting to me.

If you could pick any song from FF14 and apply it as your own theme song, what would it be?

Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Whiskers, because I’m pretty clumsy and I usually make people laugh with my nonsense.

If you had the opportunity to change or add one thing to the game, what would it be?

I’d love to play with people from other data centers and even be able to visit their worlds. I’ve made so many friends in this community and sometimes I feel a little sad because I can’t see them all. And if you ask me about a glamour change, I’d like the team to add more hairstyles, hair dyes and different models of highlights.

If you were given the opportunity to create your own weapon for your favored Job, what would the name be?

Pride of the Viera, it will be a beautiful name for a rapier and it will pretty well with the next expansion.


Soft-edited, 2nd place

Nickname: Epherillia/Ephy
Character/s name: Luneth Silvermoon
Race: Miqo’te
Server: Moogle
Social mediaTwitter (@EpherilliaFFXIV)
Tools used for screenshots: ReShade/ TexTools

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I was always a lurker to groups that have to do with things that are on my liking, but while joining the Best FFXIV Snaps and the Sponsor’s challenges, I thought: ”Hey maybe I can fit there, I really wanna be a part of this community”. Clearly, I joined because I feel like I belong here. People in there are amazing, and I am really happy that I joined. Hopefully, I can do more for this community in the future!!

Why do you love taking screenshots?

Screenshots are a reflection of our character who lives into the beautiful world of Eorzea, and I really love capturing my characters moments, because every time I take a shot, I feel like his moments are treasured memories. Also, I am Graphic Design student, so you can understand that I love editing screenshots and even the pc on my university still has a big folder of my edits, they are a great practice to me! (and a disaster sometimes…)

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Ha! Ya got me here, hard decision. My wedding screenshots with my partner most likely. It was a time I felt I was surrounded by a family (FC) and a really loving person.