Contest judges interview.

These are the winners of the previous #bestffxivsnaps contest, held in January, and they return as judges for our March edition!

Nue Walker


Nickname: J.Walker
Character/s name: Nue Walker
Race: Miqo‘te
Server: Shiva
Social mediaTwitter (@JWalker658)
Tools used for screenshots: G-Pose and occasional Photoshop

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

A great friend of mine encouraged me to maybe try out and post more screenshots. I eventually did and so I am here, sharing some of my work. I still feel quite new around but I noticed many great friendly people in this community.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

It’s still a way of art as many others. While I am terrible at photography itself this is probably closest I will get to its interpretation. In a similar manner, you can capture scenes and your memories within them. Usually, I just go around and try to capture the ways of lightings or scenery that interest me. I love to look back at some screenshots, remembering where the scenes were taken or why was I actually taking one.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

Probably the days when I first found out g-pose and tried to figure out how things work within it. And as my friend would go afk for longer breaks I would just try to capture this single pose I was left within many angles and lightings. It’s impressive how much you can do with the static unmoving model if you try.



Nickname: Evie
Character/s name: Evie Simmons
Race: Au Ra (Xaela)
Server: Tonberry
Social media: Twitter (@evie_ffxiv) and Instagram (@evietank)
Tools used for screenshots: /gpose, ReShade, Photoshop Express

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

Taking screenshots is great, but sharing them is even better! I joined FFXIV Snaps so that I could be exposed to lots of different screenshots, ideas, and styles. I think being able to see other people’s screenshots on a daily basis has really helped inspire me, and I’m happy that I can share my own ideas and style back with the community.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

I’ve played FFXIV for around 3 years now, and I’m still surprised by how much detail and variety is put into every environment, character, house, and story. Taking screenshots allows me to not only explore this detail and variety but to interpret and reflect it in my own style. I love taking screenshots because it means I get to share my interpretation of a game that’s been a big part of my life for these last few years.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

It’s really hard to choose the best moment. I think I am always on the lookout for good screenshot opportunities, and so whenever I see one of these opportunities, but in an unexpected place, it’s always a really good feeling. I remember running Orbonne blind on patch night, not knowing what I would find inside the raid, and just taking as many screenshots as possible while running between rooms. I didn’t want to hold my team up, but I was just so excited for all the new scenery and possibilities! Although the rushed nature of the screenshots meant they weren’t my best work, I still enjoy looking at them because it reminds me of that initial excitement and discovery that patch night always brings.



Nickname: Malk
Character/s name: Malkovich Malkovich
Server: Faerie
Social media: Twitter (@MalkovichFF14) and Instagram (@malkovich.ffxiv)
Tools used for screenshots: GShade, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Topaz Clean, Luminar 3

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

I had just recently started experimenting with screenshots and joined Twitter in July 2018. I kept seeing the #30ffxivsnaps and #ffxivsnaps hashtags and decided to investigate, which led me to the FFXIVSnaps discord, where I found lots of friendly, funny, and derpy people, and I’ve hung around ever since.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

I love screenshots as a creative outlet. For years I wrote and played music as a form of expression, and then I came across some of the incredible things people were doing with screenshots from FFXIV and “fell down the rabbit hole” so to speak. I love coming up with new themes and experimenting with different real-world photography styles along with my girl, Neisha.

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

There are too many for me to pick a single favorite. But one that certainly comes to mind as a favorite was when I was fiddling with reshade to try and come up with a new nighttime preset. Neisha and I had gone out to Eastern La Noscea to test it some. She had also recently gotten the /backflip emote. That was when we discovered that you can use a firework or similar item, and then perform an emote / expression, and the “firework” will persist in gpose along with the emotes. We had just been trying things at random and the combination of /hknight and /backflip resulted in what is definitely one of my favorite screenshots to date.

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