These are the winners of the previous #bestffxivsnaps contest, held in November, and they return as judges for our January edition!



Nickname: Arrior or Arri
Character/s name: Arrior Button (you don’t want to know the names of my Twinks…)
Race: Hyuran
Server: Phoenix
Social media: https://twitter.com/Arrior_Button
Tools used for screenshots: only /gposing, all my screenshots are took on PS4 ^^

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community?

Some friends of mine used the #ffixvsnaps to share their screenshots, so I started to use it too. After some time I found the Discord-Link and since then I’ve meet a lot of great people ^^ FFXIV-Snaps was my first Screenshot-community and I’m so happy that I made the decision to join them ^^

Why do you love taking screenshots?

Even before /gpose was implemented in FFXIV I took screenshot whenever I could. During cutscrenes or whenever I came to an epic place. At that time we had only /idlingcamera, but without any kind of filters or possibility to edit them xD

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

After I get finally the Centurio-Tiger. I farmed over 1,5 years for it with so much sleepless nights, it was so satisfying to have that mount, making a screenshot with it and say to yourself: “now you can finally focus on other things” ^^



Nickname: Mys
Character/s name: Myscha Rehl
Race: Lalafell, Miqo’te
Server: Lich
Social media:



Tools used for screenshots: Reshade and Snapseed

You’ve gotten to judge this event before! How did you like the experience of being a judge?

Yeah, I was one of the judges when FFXIVSnaps made its first step as a new community. It was very interesting and hard to write the right comment for every pictures. To be a good judge, you have to point the good but also the bad points. Moreover, you have to be constructive and encourage people to improve their skills, while giving them tips for.

If you could go on a vacation with any NPC in FFXIV, who would you take and why?

It would be with Y’shtola, I love her character and her punchline! She’s smart and doesn’t go for innocent ideas about world and people.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in getting into gposing but might not know where to start?

Hmm… I didn’t start this way, but a lot of people advise to start with landscape which is a good idea if you’re shy and doesn’t want to place your char under the spotlight during your first steps. But don’t be scared, everyone started as a noob and can improve themselve. Once you start taking screenshots of characters, it’s better to start with yours, since you can decide your emote and place it wherever you wish. Try every emote, and facial expression. Mix them. Turn your camera at every angles you can, and don’t hesitate to zoom in or out. And finally, when you feel ready for, you can try with group pictures, starting by two. For me, more people you have on your pictures, the more it’s difficult to get a great and lively one which can tell a story.

Do you have a preferred Job? If so, why?

Hm.. I’d say bard, it’s my main since the beginning, but I like heals as well. A bit stereotyped, but everytime I goes melee, I’m raging way too much against the tank so… I prefer not to play it 8D

If you could pick any song from FF14 and apply it as your own theme song, what would it be?

Oof, hard to choose. I’d say Matoya’s theme for the nostalgia I feel everytime I listen to. Or Shiva’s theme- Oblivion. Yeah, I think this one fits me the best, both version. Maybe because I can be calm and openminded like could make you feel the restful orchestrial version but also refreshing and dynamic with the original one and turn into the worst storm you’ve ever met. ;w;

If you had the opportunity to change or add one thing to the game, what would it be?

Make PvP great again! And let me glam whatever I like, on every job I want… Job restriction can be horrible sometimes.

If you were given the opportunity to create your own weapon for your favoured Job, what would the name be?

Erm…. “Good question”.



Nickname: Yurika
Character/s name: Yurika Mol
Race: Aura
Server: Ixion
Social media: twitter@snurbletufts
Tools used for screenshots: Reshade, Photoshop

Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community? 

Joined community here I think because I wanted to enter contests originally but I love all the theme stuff you guys do, really gives a lot of inspiration during a patch lul.

Why do you love taking screenshots?

Taking screenshots has basically become my endgame thanks to being inspired by my old Japanese FC leader from Alexander (though she has since quit the game).

Your best memory taking screenshots is?

My best memory is learning to use the studio lighting and studio setup with my old FC leader, that was a huge change for me when it came to both lighting and posing ^_^