Judges #bestffxivsnaps August 2018

These are the winners of July’s #bestffxivsnaps contest, and now judges for the August edition!



  • Nickname: Kiruu
  • Character/s name: Kiruu Joniss
  • Race: Duskwight Elezen
  • Server: Malboro
  • Social media: twitter.com/EternalDM
  • Tools used for screenshots: Gpose and occasionally Pixlr
  • Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community? The reasons were Edea and EGI. I love the community that has built up around taking screenshots and hanging out with people who love playing the same game I love and to take pictures.
  • Why do you love taking screenshots? It’s fun and lately, I have been using my screenshots to inspire me to write. Also, thanks to screenshots I have made new friends and connected with a new community that I never knew about.
  • Your best memory taking screenshots is… when I figured I could do so much more with gpose, at the time I didn’t even realize the filters, lighting and the ability to change the camera angle. My old screenshots relied on just the framing. I was quite surprised I could do so much more.



  • Nickname: Lil, Lili
  • Characters name: Lilith Lovecraft
  • Race: Roegadyn at the moment 😉
  • Server: Balmung
  • Social media: twitter.com/Austere_Rose
  • Tools used: Stormshade, Paint.net
  • Why did you join the FFXIV snaps community: I saw it was a very welcoming community, and Edea is such a sweet person. I love how supportive everyone is of each other, and how we all work together to create an open, warm community!
  • Why do you love taking screenshots: I used to draw, so taking screenshots is like second nature to me. I love playing around in gpose and I find the challenge of getting the shot just right very fun. I have a lot to learn though, and the FFXIV Snaps community is helping with that!
  • Your best memory of taking screenshots is… the very first time I came up with my own pre-set for Stormshade. I was very proud and ran around for hours taking screenshots!



  • Nickname: Ahto
  • Character/s name: Hope Haru
  • Race: Miqo’te
  • Server: Moogle
  • Social media: twitter.com/AhtoFFXIV
  • Tools used for screenshots: Gpose, Reshade, Photoshop, drawing tablet
  • Why did you join FFXIV Snaps Community? To share my pictures with a community sharing a common passion!
  • Why do you love taking screenshots? To help my imagination roam freely. I love creating stories within the screenshots I take.
  • Your best memory taking screenshots is… when Sophia asked me to join the EGI vs Hunger. It was a joy to meet other people and take screenshots in order to help a great cause. This is something I’ll never forget.