Gpose lights

Welcome Eorzeans! Gpose is a wonderful tool for screenshot taking and learning how to use this tool will improve your screenshot creativity to the fullest! So today, I’ll be showing you how to use your gpose lights.

Getting started

Let’s open up gpose. To open gpose you can type /gpose in the chat or go to Actions & Traits in your menu under Character then go to Extras and drag the gpose button to a hotbar for quick access. Below I will show you what this looks like.



Now that we have gpose open you’ll want to open up the gpose settings.

Keyboard/Mouse: Use the R key or * key to open the settings. Or whichever button is key bound as “auto-run”.
XBOX: Use the X button to open the settings.
PS4: Use the square button to open the settings.


Light settings

Perfect! With the gpose settings open you have a lot of options to play with, but for now let’s head over to the lighting which looks like this:



The first important thing you need to know about lightning in gpose is that the light will be placed wherever your camera currently is. This means you can place your light source wherever you want it! Which opens up a ton of possibilities to play with – you can zoom in or out and place it at any distance you want.

You also have three light sources available in total which can be used to light up your character from each angle. You can place a light source by hitting the 1, 2, or 3 buttons under the Lighting Settings title bar.



Next, in our light settings, we have lighting intensity. If you notice there are three light sources listed in our light settings tab with Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3, with the selected type being Type 3. This is your light intensity, with Type 1 being less intense and 3 being the most. I suggest playing with this while setting up your light sources and see what you think works best, often people will put a bright light source in front of their character with a soft Type 1 light source behind.



Notice we also have color options below our light intensity. You guessed it, we can even change the color of our lights! This can really change up a screenshot as you can change all three light sources to completely different colors or create a totally different mood using these.



Our final explanation in the lighting settings is the two buttons to the right of our three light source buttons. The first button will completely reset all the lights, removing them from the environment. The second will reset the color choice settings of each light source, in case you want to go back to normal quickly, it will also reset light intensity.

One last thing before we end today’s guide. You can also select the second button in the row of four buttons on the top of the gpose settings window if you want one quick light source without having to go to the lighting settings!



Examples using /gpose lights

There’s hundreds of possibilities using the light settings in-game. Check this gallery to grab some ideas! All pictures were took straight from the game, so you can see the before and after using /gpose lights.

If you’d like to take even more advantage of lights, stay tuned to our blog! Where we’ll soon share how to set up three points of lights to improve your pictures!

Happy gposing!

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