Welcome to the eight edition of Glamour Hunters! Are you still struggling to fit all the items you like in the Glamour Dresser? Do you like showing off a new outfit every time you hang out with friends? Then this challenge is for you!

Our glamour experts are going to present to you every month a new outfit based on a theme. Do you think you can wear it better? Or are there any other combinations or ideas do you want to share with us?

This month, Karotte, Lilith and Moriana are bringing you three options for the theme Underworld. Upload your best Underworld glamours on our Glamour Hunters Discord channel! If you want to share it on your social media, don’t forget to use the #ffxivsnapsglam tag.

Let’s get started!

Karotte’s suggestion

“For me ‘underworld’ means a hidden world full of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. I tried to put this feeling into a dark and bloody glam which hides your face.”

Moriana’s suggestion

“As underworld theme, with the Spring starting, I wished to illustrate my version of Persephone. As well Queen of the Underworld, as Goddess of Spring, I wished to mix the two universes. She accepted her new position, keeping her main deity role in mind.”

Lilith’s suggestion

“Become Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld in this fancy glamour. You must look your best as you usher souls across the river Styx.”

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