Welcome to the seventh edition of Glamour Hunters! Are you still struggling to fit all the items you like in the Glamour Dresser? Do you like showing off a new outfit every time you hang out with friends? Then this challenge is for you!

Our glamour experts are going to present to you every month a new outfit based on a theme. Do you think you can wear it better? Or are there any other combinations or ideas do you want to share with us?

This month, Karotte, Lilith and Moriana are bringing you three options for the theme Royalty. Upload your best Royalty glamours on our Glamour Hunters Discord channel! If you want to share it on your social media, don’t forget to use the #ffxivsnapsglam tag.

Let’s get started!

Karotte’s suggestion

“Royalty is not only shown in impressive crowns and majestic robes, it’s also part of your heart and soul. Show the world your inner royalty with this simple and pure princess glam.”

Moriana’s suggestion

“When I think Royalty, I first think about medieval Kings and Queens. And I wished something different for this time! I imagine royal people in hot countries should wear light but expensive clothes, to show their status. And so gold is mainly used. Some parts of the outfit or dye may not be easy to have… but it’s a royal outfit. It’s appropriate! ”

Lilith’s suggestion

“People will bow down in reverence when they see you in this noble glam. The rich red and gold embellishments are very opulent. You may substitute linen gloves and shoes, and men can wear a pair of pants with this dignified glamour.”

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