Join the Glamour Hunters challenge.

Welcome to the third edition of Glamour Hunters! Are you still struggling fitting all the items you like on the Glamour Dresser? Do you like showing off a new outfit every time you hang out with friends? Then this challenge is for you!

Our glamour experts Lilith and Karotte are going to present you every month a new outfit based on a theme. Do you think you can wear it better? Or is there any other combinations or ideas do you want to share with us? Upload your best Halloween glamours on our Glamour Hunters Discord channel! If you want to share it on your social media, don’t forget to use the #ffxivsnapsglam tag.

Let’s get started!

Karotte’s suggestion

“Release your inner demon (even if you’re not a bunny), just put on some horns, black clothes and red nails. There are quite a bunch of different “horn” types throughout the game, just choose the ones you like the most.”

Lilith ‘s suggestion

“Want to feel magical this All Saint’s Wake? Then this whimsical unicorn costume will do the job! You can substitute the Tights of Eternal Devotion with the Cashmere Skirt of Aiming or Patrician’s Bottoms, both crafted or available on the market board.”

We’re looking forward to see your Halloween outfit creations! See you on the next challenge!

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