Welcome to the tenth edition of Glamour Hunters! Are you still struggling to fit all the items you like in the Glamour Dresser? Do you like showing off a new outfit every time you hang out with friends? Then this challenge is for you!

Our glamour experts are going to present to you every month a new outfit based on a theme. Do you think you can wear it better? Or are there any other combinations or ideas do you want to share with us?

This month, Karotte, Lilith and Edea are bringing you three options for the theme Elements. Upload your best spring glamours on our Glamour Hunters Discord channel! If you want to share it on your social media, don’t forget to use the #ffxivsnapsglam tag.

Let’s get started!

Karotte’s suggestion

“There’s no light without shadow. But shadow is more than just black. Shadow is dark and edgy, it’s strong and part of every being. Show you inner shadow … and be proud of it.”

Lilith’s suggestion

“The Ice Queen cometh. Dominate the element of ice in this frozen glamour, because the cold never bothered you anyway.”

Edea’s suggestion

“A glamour that can work for any tank that wants to feel the power of fire on their hands. I’ve used Ragnarok Zeta for my warrior, but there’s plenty of fiery weapons that can match this set”

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