You sat down at the edge looking into the distance. No one around but you, nothing to disturb your rest. It’s been too long since you could enjoy such peacefulness.

The sun slowly drifted towards the horizon as you tried to unwind, yet the state of the world, of what lay before you, churned inside your mind. Aether draining from the land, the looming threat of the empire, worries of your frie-

“Not like you to be a loner staring out into the sun”, a familiar voice interrupted.

Not fully snapped out of your spiral of thoughts you kept looking into the sunset, only giving a sigh as response.

“Awfully bright for a sunset, eh? The world is changing… That’s what is keeping you up, is it not? Ironic, the Warrior of Light fears the very light they sought out.




From our very beginning light is a sign of life, of warmth, of good and so we seek it. You of all people should know best.

It becomes so easy to forget the darkness inside all, despite being embraced in its comfort each night. But even then we are taught to fear it for it is the opposite of light. So we fight to repel the dark, not  thinking of the damages if it was gone. A world where the sun never sets, drowned in light. This illusion of seeking light is so deeply rooted in our hearts, it’s almost impossible to shatter it. You weren’t any different once.



But is that so wrong?

A charade and yet…

A world full of warmth and resplendence.

But that’s we do, isn’t it? Play the hero and uphold their illusion.


So will you not fight against the light you created?

Hmm.. why do I even ask, you’ve already made up your mind, haven’t you?

Well, next time you call upon me, I expect to see a beautiful sunset”



You remain as the sun slowly lowers onto the horizon. How many other adventurers are gazing at the sunset right now, you wonder. Adventurers like you used to be. But you are different, you’re the guardian of this world. As the night slowly takes hold you think back on your journey. No matter what it takes you will protect this land for that is your duty.

So that adventurers like you can keep gazing into this beautiful sunset.



Story by Rhika Kaatah