#ffxivsnapastory – Silhouette


Dusk fell upon the Shroud. The last warm light shines through the canopy of trees, keeping away the dark of night for a little longer. Shadows dance over the ground as the branches rustle from the wind.

You find yourself wandering through the forest, alone. You underestimated how quickly night would fall over the woods. You notice the light quickly fading and begin to hasten your step. Frightened by the moving shadows you turn around over so often, paranoid that something is chasing you. You know of the many predators in the Shroud and while you are armed, you were lucky to sneak by unnoticed in the few encounters you had. In your panicked movement you turn a little too often, causing you to trip over an unseen branch. You fall and take a breather. Squinting your eyes you look back… You notice a silhouette lurking among the trees. You can’t make out its features but you can feel its gaze.

It’s following.

You run.

Moving through the uneven woods was difficult but your mind is running on instinct. The last lights of the sun are fading, making it hard to see. The shadows grow stronger. You catch more silhouettes in your view as you sprint by them, unsure whether they are a threat or even real. You run and run till you stumble from exhaustion.


You look back but you can’t see the silhouette that was chasing you, though you can feel its presence. The sunlight is fading away and it’s finally turning dark. Ahead of you are what looks like ruins. Your best chance of hiding. Carefully you enter the structure. You keep yourself close to the walls until you find a corner to hide in.

You wait in the darkness.

You hear noises. Breaths. Steps.

You peek around the corner… You’re surrounded by the ruins inhabitants. Undead, voidsent, doesn’t matter what they are. Whatever it was that chased you, led you here into its trap.

They move closer as you try to remain hidden.


Out in the woods, an adventurer wanders along a path. With hasty step they run along trying to reach a safe place. Keeping eyes out for any predators of the Shroud they spot something in a distance.

A distant silhouette is following them.

A story by @Rhika_Khaata