#ffxivsnapastory – Shopping Trip

This is the story set for the February edition of the #FFXIVSnapAStory contest. You can read the bases here.

A young adventurer with too much money is truly the most foolish of them all. Every trader that sits near an adventurer’s guild can tell you such stories. Once they amassed a little money, be it through quests, treasure or other means, it gets to their head. Any adventurer with some experience will be able to spot them, as they browse the markets on their little shopping trips.

Some go for weapons. Shining blades, decorated with ornaments and engravings, that give them no tactical advantage whatsoever. Eagerly they hold them up, swing them for test and how they look, thinking they can strike down any monster with such a beautiful blade. Proudly, they will walk off, showing their new possession on them.

Others will indulge themselves in cloth and armour. Colourful robes that make a mage stand out from even a distance. Plate armour that is so dense, one might wonder how the person inside is even moving. Fancy accessories that are said to enhance whoever wears them. One might think some of these adventurers are heading for a fashion show and not into battle.

Many of them will find themselves more at peril with their new investment then strengthened. That shining blade is too long and delicate to be swinging it inside tight caves. The heavy plate armour slows one down too much for any agile threat. Who knows if those accessoires were even properly enchanted and those colourful robes might as well be a glowing target.


Not all are such fools though. Every now and then, young adventurers pass the stalls of the markets for their shopping trips, that are not blinded by their spoils. Buying only the gear that is fitting for their task and instead spending their money on valuable but simple supplies. Torches, rations, tools for survival. Not cheaping out on these is what keeps an adventurer alive. The quality of a potion can make the difference between life and death.


To spot a good adventurer watch for those that leave the marketplace looking just as they entered it. May the Twelve watch over your adventures.


“A young adventurer’s gear”

-The Mithril Eye


Story by Rhika Kaatah