#ffxivsnapastory – September ’20 Bases & Story

This contest will be held on our Discord


In this contest, participants must recreate the story below with a maximum of 4 images.


  • Sunday, September 13th: opening submissions.
  • Sunday, September 20th: closing submissions.
  • From Monday, September 21sr to Friday, September 25th: judges will cast their votes.
  • Sunday, September 27th: announcing winners.


You can submit up to 4 pictures to represent the story of the month.

Entries should be posted on the #entries channel at our Discord server.

The winning entries will be featured on our Twitter and newsletter (if published that month) at the end of the contest.

Neither NSFW nor nudity pictures are allowed.


The theme voted by our sponsors for this month is “Homecoming”.


Judges will take into account the following parameters to set their votes:

  • How well the pictures fit into the the short story
  • Picture quality
  • Originality of interpretation


We’re giving MogStation prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places thanks to our sponsors!

  • 1st place: 10€
  • 2nd place: 7€
  • 3rd place: 4€

*If there’s only 3 participants, only 1st prize will be given away. If there’s 4, only 1st and 2nd. 3rd prize will be added with 5 or more participants.

The Story

“Where is your home, traveler?
No, not where you were born or raised.
Think of the place you’d most want to return to, where familiarity and warmth fills your heart.
What place do you see?”

You think of these words and let your mind wander. You feel a breeze brush your face. Is warm or is it cold? Does it carry the smell of the sea or does its swiftness bite at your skin? You think of places of respite you’ve encountered along your adventures. 
A cozy inn with a soft bed. The familiar morning sun waking you from your sleep.
A tavern with shouts and laughter echoing along the walls. Downing ale after ale and dancing with the patrons, it felt like a whole big family. 
A quiet garden. The wind rustling leaves, the song of birds soothing your mind and the smells of the flowers almost intoxicating. 
Yet, something is missing. All these places carry a familiarity to you, but… they’re not a home, they’re not special and there are no ties. Places like them you’ve found so many times, no matter where you were. What is your home, then?

“Hmm… seems like you’re struggling for an answer.
And here I was sure a weary wanderer like you would say the road is their home. Maybe you once thought so as well.
Home does not need to be a place, but it can be people you belong to. The road can be very lonely, all the more important it is to have people wanting your safe return. Family, friends, lovers, who do you most wish to return to when you need to rest?”

Faces from your long journey come to your mind. Ever restless, you saw so many people in so many places – it’s impossible to think of them all – but it is even more impossible to forget some of them.
The head of the adventurer’s guild guiding young fools, like you once were, on the right path. Many a night you spent sharing tales.
Other adventurers you’ve fought alongside time and again come to your mind. Battle after battle, you fought with these companions you came to trust. Some, like you, never stayed in one place; you found each other out in the world more than once, and it felt as though no time had passed.
Other, less restless ones, built companies that are almost like families of their own. Maybe you could call such a place your home some day.

“Does it seem more clear to you now? Or maybe you haven’t found your home yet after all. Do not let the thoughts you had today fade. Hold onto them, hold onto places and companions like light in the dark. Some might falter and fade, yet others will rise and guide you. Like a constellation in the night sky, they will show you which way to head. Now weary wanderer, follow them and ride home. Cherish it, enjoy the company of your companions, tell them all of what you saw, what you did, the adventures you experienced.
For you are a traveler, are you not?”

– written by @Rhika_Kaatah

Good luck and enjoy the challenge!

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant due to not following these rules or inappropriate behavior