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Let me tell you the tale of a hero.

This hero started out small, like so many of us did, by taking on the minor leves of the adventurer’s guilds. They culled the local wildlife, went on delivery runs, or cleared out old ruins. Over time, they gained a reputation for their good work and people came to them for bigger and more challenging requests. Ever eager for more, our young adventurer gladly accepted them. So they went on to slay more monsters, protect more people, and so their name spread further and further.

People started hailing our young adventurer as a “hero.”

Oh, how our hero basked in their fame. Ha, I would too!

Due to these heroic deeds it was now the people that called for our adventurer’s aid and, without hesitation, the hero helped everyone they could no matter how insignificant the issue seemed. After all, as a hero, they have to protect and help everyone, isn’t that right?

Despite their duty, our hero was still ever the adventurer, travelling the lands and, whenever they encountered someone that needed help, they would do so to the best of their ability. 

This abandoned place where we now sit was visited by the hero of our tale as well. However, it was not like this before their visit. People used to live here.

They welcomed our hero warmly and shared all kinds of tales with each other.

Our hero heard from these people how mighty predators roamed their area and that one must be careful not to stray from the paths and always be well-armed, lest they be set upon by one of these beasts.

Grateful for the welcome of their hearths and homes, the hero ventured forth and hunted down these predators, granting these villagers safety as thanks for their hospitality. 

Another good deed done, our hero moved on to other grand and wondrous adventures. The people in this place were now safe from those predatory beasts, to be sure, but why are their homes abandoned all around us? The answer is simple: only the biggest, most threatening predators were slain, but that doesn’t mean they were the only ones. Now with the strongest beasts gone, what kept the rest of them in check? Over the next few years more and more people got attacked in the wild. No matter how careful they were, the attacks only got more numerous and more vicious. After some time it was said not a day passed without another person injured or dead. So they had no choice but to abandon their homes. Makes you wonder how these people ended up. Did they move into another settlement or did they make a new home of their own? Could they rebuild their lives or did they struggle for the time that remained to them? 

Where was the hero to save them again? To save them from what the hero themselves had caused?

But no, the hero’s deed was a good deed. What was done was what was asked, and surely no wrong could have come from that.

If you ever want to become a hero, keep this tale in mind.

A story by @Rhika_Khaata