Eorzean Music Star

Little Ladies’ seasonal event, 2020.

For Little Ladies event 2020, we’ve celebrated the second seasonal challenge on FFXIVSnaps. Did you miss it? Then have a look at this article!

Cheering crowds. Groupies. Sick pyrotechnics. No, that’s not Eorzea’s #1 music act, it’s just the Warrior of Light.

BUT WAIT! What if… they were the same person?

On Eorzean Music Star seasonal event, we asked our members to submit a performance snap with their best music star glamour (rock, pop, Tuvan throat singing, whatever style you like!) between March 16 and March 22.

Once submissions were closed, we organized popular voting on our Discord to decide the winner.

Congratulations to Fedrane, our winner!

And here you have the rest of the entries. Great job, everyone!

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