Egotist of Eorzea-Wenarian I’ldan

We’ve seen Egotists who can fling spells, swing axes, read books, walk the proverbial catwalk but until now had yet to find one who inclined towards the musical arts! Whether its raising the roof of the alehouses or rousing the spirits of his dungeon and raid comrades, Wenarian from Shiva server never hits a dull note!

Though Wenarian is a Miqo’te of many talents, including healing through WHM and a more direct form of DPS in the form of Summoner, Bard is his true calling. Apart from wielding the bow with ‘Amazing Grace’, he is also adept at the instrument options available to Bards, most notably the flute!

Bards have traditionally been seen as the support vehicle for any party, DOT’s and Songs that produce buffs and debuffs that benefit their teammates. Wenarian has not only answered the call with aplomb but goes the extra mile. He is quick to offer his Barding services to new players, provides them with a friendly face and stout ally. In a dungeon, he knows a good party, apart from knowing the dungeon, is a happy party. He’s the jokester, the entertainer and the one to ease any tension and conflict amonghis comrades!

As for fashion, Bards have been ever colourful and gaudy, so it’s obvious that Wenarian embraces that lifestyle as well. He changes styles faster than the moon turns but I can assure you each and every new outfit is meticulously prepared and does the Bards a great service!

Shiva server is lucky to have a Bard of Wenarian’s calibre!

A big thanks to Wenarian I’ldan for allowing me to do an article on him!

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