Egotist of Eorzea-Sepheara Haiwindo

Hello all and welcome to the debut article of FFXIVSnaps “Egotist of Eorzea”! Let’s have a gander at our first Egotist, an Eorzean who dabbles in both the White and the Red Magic with superb execution!

We have Sepheara Haiwindo of Ultros server!

An Au Ra with the aura of someone who is happy to help with the heals and hellfire but with an air of mystery! Something of a masked crusader that invokes a hero the comic book variety! It is interesting to see a character to adopt such a personality but let me assure you the fashion speaks words of justification to their choices!


Both the WHM and RDM outfits employ liberal levels of black dye, quite the unique departure from the shiny white and vibrant reds the two jobs are renowned for!

There is something particularly ninja-like about her outfits which helps augment her take on being a mysterious force. Does she heal from the shadows? Sling spells from the sidelines? Looking at the photos, it certainly points in that direction!

Any veteran player of FF14 knows of the ninja heals we often receive in the wild. A random Lustrate, Benediction or even a simple Cure or Cure 2 that prevents us from KO’ing or to expedite the recovery process after a long, hard battle! If you’re in Ultros and this happens to you, keep your eyes out for a black-robed WHM in the shadows, it may be Sepheara!

A big thank you to Sepheara Haiwindo for allowing me to do an article on her! If you are in Ultros, do give her a /wave for me!