Egotist of Eorzea – Lilith Lovecraft

Players come from all backgrounds, especially true if they possess an artistic knack. Artists, writers, musicians, you name it. There is a player who represents the pinnacle of that artistic talent. Today we have an Egotist who became enamoured to the screenshot lifestyle through an art background! We have Lilith Lovecraft from Balmung server!

I don’t recall Snow White blasting her foes with Red Magic, but I am up for the story.

The beauty from Balmung brings on the fury of the Red Mage with the appearance of a snowy mage, a beautiful contrast that is typical of Balmung RP status demand for individuality.

Though Lilith didn’t mention her specific artistic trade, I could gather that photography may play a part in it. Indeed her ways around the /gpose function is top notch, each photo picture perfect! She is an admitted student of the craft, never content to settle for second-best or rest on the laurels. There is techniques, filters and locations abound that remain unexplored and Lilith is determined to find them all.

She can be shy but a keen helper. Should you find her around on Balmung perched on a rock or odd place, she has found a new place for a screenshot. Try not to bother her or you may be putting out a Verflare on yourself!

Lilith nails that Bayonetta look. Or is it Balmunetta?

You may even be lucky to find her running the rare dungeon. Good glamours and aetheryte jumping does not come cheap. Just keep in mind you may have to wait if she suddenly pauses in the middle of a Vault run. She is /gposing and she is Lilith, so you’ll just have to stop, sit back and admire the magic unfolding.

A big thank you to Lilith Lovecraft for allowing me to do an article on her! If you are in Balmung, be sure to give a /wave to her!