Egotist of Eorzea-Espresso Lalafell

It’s surprising that Lala’s have always been in short supply for Egotist Articles. A shame considering they are just purpose-built for the best types of glamour and unique build adds that dimension that can turn a drab glamour for another race in to fab. Speaking of fab, we have Espresso Lalafell from the mighty Cactuar server. No bias intended.

Atreyu is beginning to show his age a bit.

Espresso is a Lala that is not short on talents. He usually runs Warrior for gameplay purposes but had levelled up casters and a Dragoon job purely for photo sessions. We always appreciate an Eorzean who shows that much dedication to the glamour lifestyle. Nothing against Warriors of course.

Espresso is not only a glamour man but also an ideas man. He has created a Reshade installer for FF14 to give a helping hand for players new to Reshade.

Blasting off into battle.

Of course, such attention to glamour can not be contained in one medium. He’s not only a FFXIVSnaps native but also manages his own series on Twitter and Instagram called #FFXIVMinionOutfit.

For us Cactuarians, if you see him perched on a rock in Mor Dhona or doing water flips near Tamamizu, chances he is at work taking another glorious photo.

A big thank you to Espresso for allowing me to do an article on him.