monthly contests


Every month we’re hosting a new photography contest on our Discord server. There you’ll find more specific details, like dates and theme.

All our contest follow these simple guidelines. You can always contact any of our Discord admins or moderators in case you have any doubts. Good luck and have fun!

Basic rules

  • Only one image per user can be submitted
  • Entries should be posted on the proper Discord channel (#entries, #vanilla or #edited)
  • The winning entries will be featured on our Twitter and website at the end of the contest
  • Neither NSFW nor nudity pictures are allowed
  • If there are only 3 participants, only 1st prize will be given away. If there’s 4, only 1st and 2nd. 3rd prize will be added with 5 or more participants
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any participant due to not following these rules or inappropriate behavior


The admin Discord group will act as judges. They’ll take into account the following parameters to set their votes:

  • How well the pictures represents the theme
  • Picture quality
  • Originality of interpretation



If the contest has a vanilla category (like Best FFXIVSnaps), only /gpose is allowed. No editing of any sort can be done to the picture, only cropping.


If the contest has an edited category (like Best FFXIVSnaps), pictures can be improved (color adjustments, trim, brightness, etc). This includes 3rd Party tools (ReShade) and photography edition programs as Snapseed or Photoshop. Mods are not allowed.

No categories specified

If the contest doesn’t specify any category (like FFXIVSnapSongs), here’s the picture rules:

  • No NSFW elements or nudity is permitted.
  • Mods are not allowed.
  • Shaders and post-editions are allowed